Video: Angry Ram Smashes Doors While Fighting Its Own Reflection

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A confused Southwell resident thought his home had been vandalised when he woke up to see his patio doors smashed. The actual reason was much more surprising for Quentin Rayner, a BBC reporter. As it turned out, it was an angry ram that had smashed the glass doors of his house in Nottinghamshire, UK.

“To say I was shocked would be an understatement,” said Mr Rayner, 58, after discovering the damage on Wednesday morning. He said he found the runaway ram on the other side of the broken glass, happily chewing away on his plants in his garden after creating an “awful mess”.

“My first thought was it must be vandals and was about to call the police when I saw this ram lying in the garden chewing away on pot plants,” he said to The Mirror.

“I guess he must have seen his reflection in the doors and decided to have a fight,” Mr Rayner added to BBC.

Mr Rayner and his wife, Emma, called the police, who sent an officer to investigate the unusual incident. After a while, a local farmer got in touch with them to claim the sheep.


“I rang the insurance company and told them our patio doors had been smashed by an angry ram having a fight with its own reflection,” said Mr Rayner. “Their response was ‘that sounds unusual’ but they sent an assessor out who agreed to pay up so we just have to pay the excess.