Netflix Adds a New Section for Upcoming Titles to Its TV and Streaming Device Apps

Netflix Adds a New Section for Upcoming Titles to Its TV and Streaming Device Apps

Netflix confirmed the feature to Variety, and revealed availability details

  • Netflix is rolling out a new feature for its TV-based apps
  • Users will now be able to see titles set to release soon
  • The feature is available for TVs, streaming devices, and consoles

Streaming platform Netflix releases a lot of content every week, which includes movies and TV shows produced by the company itself, as well as content it acquires the rights for. Users usually have to rely on social media and news online to find out when new titles are coming, but Netflix is now making discovery a bit easier, at least for its TV-based apps. A new feature that showcases trailers of upcoming titles is now rolling out for the Netflix apps on smart TVs, streaming devices, and gaming consoles.

The feature was first reported by Variety, and was confirmed to the publication by Netflix. It is a horizontal section much like others in the app, and can be accessed through the ‘Latest’ tab in the sidebar of the app. It was visible to us on an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and on the Netflix app on the Android TV interface. Apart from the ‘New on Netflix’ section, two new sections are visible – ‘Coming This Week’ and ‘Coming Next Week’ – with titles on display.

The new Netflix feature is a tab that displays trailers of movies and shows set to release in the coming week. Users can choose to be reminded of a title they’re interested in, and they’ll then be reminded that the title is available to stream once it is. It’s a neat way to showcase upcoming titles, and is admittedly more effective and direct than Netflix’s current methods of sending out information on new content.

The feature is currently only rolling out for TV-based platforms; the Netflix apps for smart TVs, streaming devices, and game consoles. For now, there’s no information on whether the feature will come to other platforms, although there is a dedicated ‘Coming Soon’ section for Android devices where users can view trailers of Netflix upcoming releases.