Huawei P30 Pro Live Pictures, Retail Box Leak Ahead of the Official Launch

Huawei P30 Pro Live Pictures, Retail Box Leak Ahead of the Official Launch

We’re roughly a day away from Huawei’s much-anticipated launch event in Paris where the Chinese telecom giant will officially unveil its P30 Series of smartphones and the leaks are getting more and more substantial. The latest leaks reveal the live photos of the company’s P30 Pro smartphone and what looks like the retail box the phone will come in. We still don’t have any confirmed details of the exact specifications but the live photos of the phone and the box are very clear, and certainly seem to confirm the phone’s design which has been leaked heavily in the past.

The leak comes from Roland Quandt from German technology website WinFuture, who tweeted the live images of the P30 Pro and its box, as reported by GizChina. The first image shows the Huawei P30 Proin a white box, with the name of the phone clearly mentioned in gold lettering. The Leica branding can be seen at the bottom along with the mention of ‘Quad Camera’, which confirms the four-camera setup at the back of the phone. Then we have the image of the phone itself, which clearly shows the rounded sides of the AMOLED display, a noticeable chin at the bottom, and a dewdrop notch on the top.


The second photo tweeted by Quandt shows the back of the phone in what looks like Huawei’s Twilight colour trim. We don’t have a good shot at the bottom portion but there are hints of purple hues on the sides. More importantly though, this picture also shows the three cameras clustered together and the fourth ToF camera on the side. Looking the reply thread to Quandt’s tweet, he also stated that the P30 Pro won’t have a 3.5mm headphone socket.

Someone by the name Furkan Ahmet Nuh replied in the same thread with another image of the P30 Pro, but this time in a new iridescent white shade, similar to one of the colour variants of Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Review). The image is actually a screenshot taken from an Instagram Story with the handle ‘huaweiailesitr’. This image also includes the photo of the same white box that Quandt had tweeted.

The Huawei P30 Pro has been heavily leaked, especially in the past few weeks leading up to the launch. A couple of days ago, the phone was accidentally posted on Amazon Italy, revealing most of its specifications. All those in India won’t need to wait for too long as Huawei is rumoured to launch the phone here shortly after its global unveiling.