Uses of Low Voltage Wiring

Our electronic devices function based on an intricate system of wiring. Homes and commercial buildings rely on electrical systems; the telephones, networks, and audio systems these spaces function due to a cabling system that differs from standard electrical wiring. Low voltage wiring is a specific wiring system that is needed to support the majority of devices utilized and needed in the day-to-day. These systems require low voltage cabling contractors to ensure a safe and professional installation.

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What is Low Voltage Wiring?

Low voltage wiring or structured wiring is an electrical network that supports digital technology and communication devices. This type of wiring allows these networks and devices to run at a more optimum speed and efficiency.

Low voltage wiring normally contains three types of cables- Cat. 6e, RG-6, and fiber optic. These three cables are bundled together and installed after the electrical wiring in a commercial building or house has been placed. The system is controlled from a distribution panel; wires run from this wire to different points where the network, phone, and Internet signals enter the home or building. From this distribution panel, cable bundles will run to each outlet in a room that needs these signals.

Installing these systems is an extremely complex process that requires professional knowledge and experience. Many buildings and homes require wiring networks of great magnitude; cabling contractors will safely create an organized low voltage network to support these devices and systems.

Low Voltage Wiring: Applications and Uses

  • Phones remain a vital instrument for companies and organizations. Many businesses utilize phone systems that run off low voltage wiring.
  • Audio systems are increasingly used in home entertainment systems and commercial buildings. Low voltage cable is an affordable and effective network for supporting these systems.
  • Internet Access is one of the most needed and used commodities. Most devices have Wi-Fi capability that is supported by a system of structured wiring.

Low voltage wiring can be used in commercial buildings and homes to support a variety of applications; experienced professionals will install organized networks.