Initiate Reading Recovery With Really Great Reading Diagnostics

Assessing reading levels is a critical first step in helping students to improve reading skills. Diagnostics and assessments help you gauge students’ strengths and weakness so that you can build a better strategy suitable to nuanced reading needs. Luckily, diagnostics are readily available, highly effective and free.

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Really Great Reading Assesses Student Literacy at No Cost

At the website of Really Great Reading there are free reading screening assessments you can use in your classroom or study setting. The assessments are strategically designed to pinpoint students struggling with decoding, specific words students struggle with and sources of underlying confusion. The free reading screening assessments are completely self-contained, entailing everything you require to assess an unlimited quotient of students

The free reading screening assessments include Foundational Skills Surveys in three basic categories of grade ranges. There is a skills survey for kindergarten, another for first grade and a third for students in the second to the twelfth grade. Each assortment of free reading assessments comes in a packet that includes instructions about monitoring progress, devising lessons to elicit optimal results and adding data to a Grouping Matrix.

Additional Surveys Help Assess Awareness & Knowledge

Complimentary assessments let you obtain a more fully fleshed, rounded-out idea about each struggling student’s unique learning curves. The Phonological Awareness Survey determines how well or poorly a student identifies, matches and blends phonemes in words, for example.

The Letter Knowledge Survey confirms that kindergarten and first grade students are at the appropriate reading skill level, or it gauges what types of recovery might be necessary for older students reading below expectations.

Sight Word Surveys help draw a clear picture of how well younger students read high-frequency words, while performance on Advanced Decoding Surveys indicates the mastery with which older students demonstrate decoding skills they should already know. Free reading assessments are downloadable from the Really Great Reading website, and you can use all of them or specific assessment as required by your students.