CBSE Concludes Class 12 Hindi Exam; Paper Moderate But Lengthy

CBSE Concludes Class 12 Hindi Exam; Paper Moderate But Lengthy
CBSE concluded class 12 board exam for Hindi Core today. Some of the early reviews of the question paper we got say that with a mix of tough and easy questions, the question paper was moderately difficult. There were no out of syllabus questions and students were given ample options in questions. We spoke to Maya Lohani, PGT/HOD Hindi, Army Public school, Delhi Cantt. about her take on the Hindi question paper.

She acknowledged that the exam would have been a bit challenging for Humanities students who had their Geography exam scheduled on March 7 and hence had only one day gap before Hindi to complete their revision.

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“However the question paper was a combination of tough and easy questions and thus it was not very difficult one. In part ‘A’ comprehension sections of prose and poetry, it was not much difficult and students were comfortable with questions. In part ‘B’ creative writing and feature writing, board has chosen broad subjects such as women empowerment and social issues to check and assess the writing capabilities of the students. The students with fine writing capabilities may get more than 80%. Average student may get 65 to 70% marks.”

Speaking of students’ reaction she said that as per students, Set 1 and 2 were a bit more difficult in comparison to set 3.

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Part C consisted of 2-3 questions which assessed narrative skills and other 7-8 questions were designed to check the essay writing and critical analysis based writing on thorough knowledge of the individual.

Questions based on ‘reference and context’ were again a combination of easy and difficult questions.

Students were offered more options on questions related to supplementary book. Almost all the lessons were covered this year whereas it was not so in previous year’s question papers.

Overall the question paper can be defined as a moderate one.