How to Know if Your Electronics are Properly Recycled

Recycling is now the standard routine for both residents and businesses. It’s a habit to throw out cans or glass in the other bin instead of the regular trash. Despite this, people are still wary if their separated items are being re-purposed to keep the carbon footprint down.

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Of importance is electronic waste (eWaste). When it comes to recycling, this falls into a higher priority category over newspapers and corrugated boxes. If not properly recycled, the information stored on this eWaste can be taken and used in malicious ways. If personal eWaste, the circumstances can be a stolen identity or use of credit/debit cards. Businesses have a greater risk. Disks can be decrypted to remove Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from thousands or millions of people.

Ensuring proper recycling

Needless to say, you need to be sure your electronics are being properly cleaned prior to disposal or reuse. To verify this, here are a few guidelines. 1. Examine their process. Don’t assume they’re doing the work, check it out in person. Call up eWaste companies like Greentec and ask to see what they do. This will either quell your fears or make you decide to go somewhere else. 2. Check their audit process. The company you choose should have a strict process for cleaning and auditing. In addition, this information should be presented to you for verification. Go with a company who automates this process for quality assurance. Skip the one that hand-writes the details. 3. Ask others. It never hurts to ask another individual or a business about their eWaste program and who they use to clean/dispose of products. In the end, they’re going to be the best resources to pinpoint the company you want to use. Overall, don’t ask the junk dealer to take your old computers and smart devices off your hands. With proper research you can find the right electronic scrap toronto company. When you do , they’ll handle the delicate process of deleting important data and disposing of equipment without damaging your credit or the environment.