IIT-Delhi’s School of Public Policy gets a boost

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The first postgraduate batch is likely to start from 2020.

The Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D) Wednesday announced a partnership with Tata Trusts, which would include a grant of Rs 50 crore for five years for its School of Public Policy. The institute said that through this, it will become a “world-class hub of public policy research and education on issues at the intersection of science and technology (S&T) and development”.

“The School is in the process of recruiting its first crop of faculty members. To begin with, it is focusing on six broad overlapping topics: internet, digital information and society; industry and economy; energy and environment; agriculture, food, and water; health innovations and systems; and sustainable habitats…The School will offer its own programmes at the graduate levels, contribute to the IIT-D undergraduate education, and also provide training opportunities for practitioners,” IIT said in a statement. The first postgraduate batch is likely to start from 2020.

Announcing the decision at a press conference on campus, IIT-D Director Ramgopal Rao said, “IIT-Delhi, named recently as an Institution of Eminence, has a robust tradition of being on the cutting-edge of science and engineering education and research in the country. We see a modern and dynamic School of Public Policy as an essential and, in fact, central plank of our intention to transform and enhance our intellectual ecosystem and position us to better engage with the scientific and technological opportunities and societal challenges of the 21st century.”

Manoj Kumar, Head of Institutions, the Tata Trusts, said it was “difficult to imagine an aspect of government, business or civil society that does not influence or is not affected by Public Policy”.

“Rapid advances in Science and Technology are further accentuating the urgency for policy response and creating a demand for world-class professionals and researchers, trained in the discipline of Public Policy,” he said.

The founding Head of the School of Public Policy, Ambuj Sagar, said the school would “play a crucial role in helping fulfill the Institute’s broader responsibility of enhancing citizen engagement and enriching public debate on scientific and technological advances that are shaping the world around us.”