Four Things to Do Before your New Babe is Born

Congratulations on your little bundle of cuteness coming into the world soon. It’s a blessing for sure, but there are definitely some things you should do before that beautiful babe is born. This article gives you a brief list of things to accomplishment before the birth of your wee one.

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Announce Your Babe’s Birth to Loved Ones with Ready-to-Go Announcements for After Delivery

While your closest loved ones will likely come visit in the hospital, some people will await your big news via social media or snail mail. So, for those waiting by the mailbox, have a stack of birth announcements ready to go. Make prints of your new little one’s pictures and put one in each envelope to go along with the announcement.

Make Sure Your Support System is in Place for Up to 6 Weeks After the Birth

So, establish a support system to help you take care of yourself and your babe for the next 6 weeks. Make sure it’s people that you trust and love, like your spouse, sister, mom, etc. Ask them to take turns helping you a few days a week until you can get completely back on your feet without pain (usually around 6 weeks). They could even make a spreadsheet of times to be there for you with power analysis software or a word/works document and schedule.

Gather Your Baby Supplies, like Bibs, Burp Cloths, Milk Storage Containers, Bottles, and Warm Baby Blankets

Get together everything you will need for when baby comes and organize them where you need them, i.e. your bedroom or a designated room for the baby. You won’t have time to do this when the babe arrives; hence, the reason you should hop on the task before you get too far into your pregnancy.

Deep Clean Your Home to Ensure a Safe, Tidy, Organized Environment for Your New Little One

There’s a feeling that new moms get called nesting—it’s where you want to make your surroundings comfortable and perfect for you and your new baby. It’s natural and something you should absolutely do.

So, make it a point to deep clean your home. Throw away clutter, organize what matters to you the most, and ask your spouse or a supportive loved one to do the dirty work, like carry big bags of trash to the bins. Tidy up until you feel satisfied that you and your new cutie will be comfy.