PUBG PS4 Now Available for Preload

PUBG PS4 Now Available for Preload

PUBG for PS4 is out on December 7 and you can preload the game right now, two days prior to release. Our PS4 Pro was on with automatic download enabled and we noticed PUBG PS4 started downloading. The PUBG PS4 download size is 33.51GB while the PUBG PS4 PTS build, short for Public Test Server, is 37.35GB. PUBG PS4 will launch with Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar, all of which are present and playable on PUBG Mobile, PC, and Xbox One. Considering that PUBG PS4 is bundled with a Vikendi event pass, it suggests that we could see Vikendi making it to all platforms soon enough. The developer also revealed some in-game items that will be available to PS4 users, and exclusive to the platform.

PUBG PS4 map list

  • Erangel: the first map of PUBG. An 8×8 km map resembling a Russian military testing facility
  • Miramar: the second map created for PUBG. An 8×8 km map set in the deserts of Central and South America
  • Sanhok: the smallest map (4×4 km) based in the jungles of the Southeast Asia region

As we mentioned, PUBG Corp has also highlighted some in-game items exclusive to the PS4 version of the game.

PUBG PS4 exclusives

  • PUBG PS4 Pixel Art Parachute: starting on December 7, simply log into the game to receive the Pixel Art Parachute, inspired by the PlayStation iconic blue
  • Nathan Drake’s desert outfit from the Uncharted series
  • Ellie’s Backpack from The Last of Us
  • PUBG avatar
  • PUBG Miramar theme

PUBG PS4 price

The PUBG PS4 price is Rs. 1,999 on disc ($30 in the US). With the digital version of the base game known as the PUBG Looter’s Edition being Rs. 2,750 ($30 in the US), a 3,999 Champion’s Edition ($60 in the US), and a Rs. 2,750 Survivor’s Edition ($50 in the US), there are options aplenty.