Make your own custom stickers

Marketing has come a long way from traditional direct mail flyers and online classified ads. Printing custom stickers for your business is a way to stand out from competitors in your industry without overextending your marketing budget. When you know how to leverage custom stickers, maximize your reach and exposure both online and off.

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Viral Marketing

Custom stickers for businesses provide a unique opportunity when implementing viral marketing campaigns. While it is commonplace to launch advertising campaigns using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, using custom stickers promotes word-of-mouth marketing and the spreading of your brand without additional tools or digital applications. Custom stickers bring back an “old school” feeling for individuals who are nostalgic and appreciate the era of word-of-mouth marketing.


When you print custom stickers, you can do so without a large marketing budget. Custom stickers in bulk are affordable for even startup companies, providing you with a marketing tool that causes minimal financial strain. The more stickers you order in one purchase simultaneously, the easier it is to qualify for steep discounts and a lower price-per-sticker.

Custom Shapes and Sizes

Long gone are the days of traditional bumper stickers. Today, custom stickers are available in all shapes and sizes, even custom designs. Create a unique sticker design that resonates with your target audience and catches the eye of those who are interested in learning more about your business. Include your website’s official URL on the stickers you create to maximize exposure while spreading the word about your brand.

Create customized shapes and sizes of individual sticker designs you have in mind for specific groups of followers, fans, and customers you have. Share upcoming promotions and campaigns with stickers or provide discount codes and coupons for first-time shoppers. Getting creative with your sticker designs sets your brand apart from others who are not as inventive or unique.

Using customized stickers allows you to convey a message directly from your brand to followers, loyal customers, and new prospective consumers. With custom stickers, take advantage of personalized cuts and materials that are most fitting for your business.