Presenting the world’s largest bhatura at 4ft 2 inches; it’s a Limca Book record

When it comes to food, Delhi is famous for its chole-bhatura. Walk around the city and you will find restaurants selling hot fluffy bhaturas with spicy mouth-watering chole to excited customers. What if we tell you that in a bizarre turn of events, Leonardo Olive Oil created a Limca Book of Records by cooking India’s largest bhatura at an event hosted in the capital?

The bhatura which was prepared measured 4 feet 2 inches in diametre. This is an effort to shatter the mindset that bhaturas which are symbolic to indulgence aren’t as unhealthy as it’s thought so. As per the study conducted by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, bhatura cooked in Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil absorbs 42% less oil as compared to regular refined oil and also boosts good cholesterol, helps in weight and waist-line management, controls blood sugar levels, and is trans-fat free.

Neelima Burra, chief marketing officer, Cargill Foods India said, “In a quest of better health, today’s affluent Indian consumers tend to shy away from what they love the most – fried Indian food. They are global citizens with access to everything that the world has on offer, but deeply Indian at heart. While they have adapted their lifestyles to a mixed food culture, they still love their paranthas, pakoras and bhaturas which they now seldom consume. This event and the versatile range of Leonardo Olive Oil offers liberation from such restrictions and with the promise of improved metabolic health, it allows them to have guilt free indulgence.”

During this event, a recipe book with Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes was also launched.

Dr Richi Seth, nutritionist & founder of Lifestyle Makeover, said, “Metabolic ailments are a common menace these days. Inappropriate diet and lifestyle are identified as two common reasons behind it, affecting blood lipid profiles, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and glucose levels. Lifestyle changes, especially dietary, can help improve metabolic health and keep you off metabolic diseases. In regard to metabolic health, the role of cooking oil is of paramount importance. Using a right cooking oil can bring about positive change in weight, waist circumference, blood cholesterol, and general health, contributing to better metabolic health.”