Chromecast Ultra Gets Video Smoothness Feature That’s Turned On by Default

With the latest software update, version 90308, for Chromecast Ultra, Google has now added a video smoothness feature that prefers frame rates over resolution to provide a better viewing experience to users. The video smoothness feature has been kept on by default but can be turned off if the viewer prefers to watch videos in higher resolution.

On switching off the video smoothness feature, Chromecast Ultra would “prioritise playing the content at the highest resolution while lowering the frame rate to fit the constraints of the TV. So a 4K TV that doesn’t support 4K 60Hz will default to 4K 30Hz,” the company said in its support forum. Google says that the video content may appear jerky or stutter on switching off this feature.

Chromecast Ultra Gets Video Smoothness Feature That's Turned On by DefaultThe search giant warns that even if you turn off the video smoothness feature, the streaming service itself can prefer higher frame rates over resolution to maintain smoothness and this happens on the partner side so can’t be overridden by Chromecast Ultra.

If you still want to switch off the video smoothness feature, you can open the Google Home app and choose the Devices option seen on the top-right of the app. Then you will have to choose the Chromecast Ultra from the list and head to the settings from device card menu. Finally, you need to head to the video smoothness toggle and turn it off for the required effect.

Frame rates are usually more impactful when it comes to viewing experience in comparison with resolution and users are likely to enjoy this new feature turned on. Let us know in comment section if you think the new addition to the Chromecast Ultra will improve the overall user experience offered by the device.