8 Types of Blog Posts to Drive Huge Traffic Easily

The content of a blog is often an amalgam of a blogger’s experiences, thoughts, and research. With the changing trends in search engine optimization and social media communications, the bloggers cannot confine themselves in self-constructed premises of creativity. The world of blogging has gloriously changed now. People want you to interact in a simpler, yet interesting way. They need you to connect with them and create a bond, which should be strong enough to bring the visitors back to your blog.


The techniques of driving huge traffic to your blog are based on two steps i.e. to maximize the number of regular visitors and to generate more leads. If you are looking for more shares, likes, and visits then the following types of blog posts will keep your business up!

1.     Long List Posts

  • Easy to scan
  • Highly informative
  • Easy to read
  • To the point
  • Selective and focused information
  • Easier bonding with the reader
  • Expanded
  • More links
  • Simple

The aforementioned reasons explain why long list posts boost the traffic drive!

2.     Data-Driven/Researched Content

The use of complex words and fancy connotation makes a blog post visually confusing. A majority of the blog visitors wants to see the stats in numbers. They need facts that prove the authenticity of your research. Data-driven and well-researched content not only attracts more visitors but it also keeps them hooked.

3.     Tutorials, Practical Tips, and How-To Guides

‘How to write a blog post that drives traffic’ – You wrote this phrase or something similar that landed you here. How-to: these two words are the most repeated words on the search engines. Tutorials, practical guides, and how-to tips assists the visitors in fulfilling day-to-day tasks.

4.     Checklists

Going on vacation? Here is the checklist!

Traveling with baby? Checklist!

Ready for delivery? Checklist!

Preparing to move? Checklist!

The checklists cater with routine life of the visitors. They have a problem and you can solve it. Meanwhile, it also generates a virtual bond with the traffic to keep it returning to your blog.

5.     Review

Again, reviews deal with the routine problems of your audiences. They are willing to spend money on something and they need a review. However, the audience is clever enough to differentiate between honest reviews and paid ones. Ideally, you should focus on honest reviews only to establish loyal traffic base.

6.     Personal Stories

Among these viral content writing tips, writing personal stories is a tactic that not only generates a loyal traffic base but it also becomes a source of your catharsis. It connects the alike minds and help you build a loyal community of visitors.

7.     Case Study

Authenticated information, supported with well-researched data is highly valued in practical world. Case studies are admired more because the market in case study is always highly focused. You can post case studies about your own profession.

8.     Rebellion Posts

The politicians have been inciting and generating votes in the name of different types of rebellion wars. It is against religion, race, stereotypes, society standards, personal interests, or any other thing. The political market could be saturated but the social media space has a lot of room for generating such fan-base. Above all, you will become the leader.

Here, we have discussed eight types of blog posts with technical and social perspectives to drive huge traffic easily. Leave a comment below if you have a workable type of blog post idea in this regard!