Five Activities to Explore the World of IT

Information Technology (IT) continues to be an astounding area for career growth. The areas you choose to explore depend on personal preference but what makes it so exciting is that any interest in tech can become a career opportunity.

You may fall in love with website development after building a personal blog or want to work with businesses to reach customers and fans through social media. You make tech what you want it to be and if you choose to pursue the area in a professional manner then you’ll be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

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The trouble, in my mind, is how to get started because there are so many options.

Since every tech interest has its place, you may be frozen in your decision. The good news is that there are plenty of free tools and resources to dabble in an area without the heavy investment into the educational process you’d find in other industries.

Here are some of the ways I’d recommend to explore your opportunities:

  1. Develop and manage a website

A website is highly recommended if you want to explore a bit of coding with project management. With a site you’re going through a wide range of design and development that’s not only fun but can be very rewarding once it’s launched (monetarily and because you have a platform to share your ideas).

Other aspects of operating a site come into play, too. For example, you’ll want to manage your files and get into a good routine of doing backups and security. Because this is a strong area to learn, you may do a search for services (for me it was Toronto server recovery services) and by reaching out and working with these professionals you (and I) begin to learn new aspects of web-based projects and more.

  1. Build a computer (and network)

Computer builds are a fantastic way to get into the physical side of the industry. There are thousands of tutorials on building computers on YouTube and websites. Building is quite easy but enough of a challenge that once you sink your teeth in you’ll want to continue learning more about the parts and tweaking for performance; this can later push you into hardware within the industry.

A fast track into the networking area of the industry is through a CompTIA Network Certification; this cert is industry praised and will help you find placement just about any location which has an in-house network (which… as you can expect… is everywhere).

  1. Try editing videos (and mix media)

YouTube is a great platform to share your creativity with video. A cell phone that has a decent video camera and free editing software is all you need to get started. Once you have a grasp of the basics you can learn the advanced editing techniques through online tutorials.

An exploration into video editing could find yourself in the content creation end of the industry!

  1. Sell something online

Everyone can give selling items online a test whether it’s Ebay, Amazon, or Etsy (to name a few).

Find an item you no longer want or create something people want and get it listed on the large online retail websites. The setup only takes a few minutes. Once you’re on you just need to optimize and learn the ropes of what makes a product attractive then start pushing heavily on the promotional side.

The nice thing about this area is that so many businesses want to sell online but don’t always know how to get started. If you learn these basics and offer it as a service, you could find yourself deep into the world of Ecommerce.

  1. Launch a community

A community is fairly difficult to form because there are so many vying for attention but if you manage to build one on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or other social channels than you’ve hit on something special.

Companies pay big money for social media mavericks. Your experimentation with building online communities for fun can quickly lead into a fantastic career with just about any type of company you have on your short list. The best part is that starting these communities are free – you just need to be willing to put in the time.

I must say that some of these may take a bit of time before they *click* since there is a learning curve but even if you bounce to a new interest you’re still learning a valuable skill that can realistically fit into just about any other career. So, in the end, it’s a win/win! Once you have a grasp on the topics you can venture out and try to find work in the field or through freelancing! It’s amazing fun and you won’t regret giving these a shot.