Trends From The 50 S That Can Be Worn Today

Fashion has proved itself to be cyclic. Taking insight from earlier eras, today’s fashion is unique with the coalescing of modern and vintage. There are trends, ultra chic and beautifully vintage, that have and will come back. The 1950’s fashion history establishes the 50’s were crazy times. The entrance of Christian Dior into fashion changed the global scenario.In India, with fashion revolving around saris, the trends changed with a change in patterns and blouse cuts. 50’s fashion for men and women had trends that can be easily incorporated into your style today, here’s how:

  1. Polka Dots.

Seen all around the place today, polka dots is a success story of a50’s trend that can be worn today. A plain dress with a polka sash is a subtle way of paying homage to the 50’s. Polka dotted shorts or skirts are cute and versatile.It’s a classic trend so easily used by modern trendsetters.

  1. Scarves.

Scarves were worn differently than they are today. With the hairdos that were up and coiffed, scarves were tied around the head forming a cute bow at the bottom or at the back of their neck. Taking a thinner scarf, if preferred, and tying it around your head, with or without a bow, is an inspired way to look a little retro.

  1. Dresses.

Globally, 50’s fashion for women had two types of dresses that can be trendy even today. The tea length, full skirt dress and the pencil dress that is making inroads into the styles of today. With dresses that have been short for so long, a slightly longer dress is a pleasant change. Wear the tea skirt dress with a jacket for a classic 50’s look. Both dresses have a snug fit top with small waistlines.

In the 50’s, women primarily wore bright coloured capris or cigarette pants. Men wore high waist, loose pants with pleats. While capris have been in and out of style, cigarette pants can be slightly more difficult to find. However, pants that are high waist and loose have been tweaked for women just as capris have been tweaked for men. Trends of the 50’s are being worn today without even realizing it.

  1. Men’s wear

Global fashion trends of men’s fashion in the 50’s consisted of cabana shirts or bowling shirts. Bolder colours with short sleeves on shirts, men’s 50’s trends can be easily found and worn today.

  1. Indian Wear

India, in the 50’s, was still about modesty. 1950’s fashion for women included long-sleeved blouses that looked so sophisticated. With the big hairdos and the long bold eye make-up, a long sleeved blouse will make you look completely retro. Do any one of the three, and you’ll be trendy with some subtlety.