Month: July 2016

Trends From The 50 S That Can Be Worn Today

Fashion has proved itself to be cyclic. Taking insight from earlier eras, today’s fashion is unique with the coalescing of modern and vintage. There are trends, ultra chic and beautifully vintage, that have and will come back. The 1950’s fashion […]

Real money gaming is growing every year

Real money gaming is growing every year, and the professionals who specialize here are having a hard time really keeping up with it. Microgaming is the software company behind a good portion of the growth in this industry, and they […]

Kick-start your day with a nice quote

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” If you remember this out-and-out popular quote then you also probably remember whose creation it is. Yes, Dr. Seuss! Some of the most touching quotes you must have ever read are […]