How to Create an Ideal Private Blog Network?

Private Blog network includes many small websites designed for a specific niche. These small sites are linked to a main large money-making website (through sales and advertising). PBN is a potent SEO tool that can be used to rank high on search engines.

PBN includes free blogs, along with self hosted blogs using different hosting platforms or companies having different IP’s. The main aim of PBN setup is to manipulate Google ranking for main money-making website or sell backlinks.

How to setup PBN?

  1. Buy domain name

While buying domain names, you have two alternatives – either choose new domains using targeted keywords or opt for expired domains. Advantages of relevant and keyword focused new domains can get high SERPs, if operated properly.

Expired authoritative domains are trustworthy from search engine viewpoint because they are less vulnerable to spamming. Such domains can easily pass the SEO juice to any Primary PBN site. However, before you buy expired domain consider the following things.

  • Domain age – Needs to be more than 5 years old
  • Keyword in URL – Find related keyword in expired domain name can be great
  • Page rank – Check its page rank and domain authority
  • Google search – Check if the potential domain name is Google friendly and not banned
  • Domain registrar – Use different domain registrar

Expired domain name having above benchmarks enables to get more scores and you can reap the benefits.

  1. Buy web hosting

Next step is choosing a web host. You can select and many other web hosting companies for your PBN, so you get different IP addresses. You can select free web hosts that supply limited web space but ensure that they are good companies and not penalised by Google.

IP addresses need to differ – why?

It is necessary to eliminate PBN’s footprint. In case, all the blogs get hosted from the same web hosting company or IP address then the entire PBN gets banned. This is considered as link farming, which is not allowed. Each blog on the network needs to have fresh IP. This reduces the chances of Google finding your blog network.

  1. CMS

Content management system is the fundamental aspect of PBN. Different kinds of CMS are available for fulfilling website needs. Make use of each one and create an ideal blog network. It can be painful and tedious but the reward will be huge. Different CMS are Word Press, Joomla, ExpressEngine, Drupal, TextPattern, Contao, Umbraco, SilverStripe and more.

  1. Managing content creation and publishing

Each blog or publishing websites must have at least 10 – 15 high quality content on it.  Besides uniqueness, the content must be related to the main targeted keyword of your primary money-site.

  1. Backlinking

As soon as, the PBN is setup with minimal 5+ blogs, start building backlinks. You can buy social media followers using platform. This will add variety of backlinks to the PBN.


PBN is strong off-site SEO but needs to be used properly. It competently boosts ranking for primary money-site. Backlinks for money-site can be controlled because you own all the websites that link to the main money-site. Thus, you can edit or manipulate, accordingly.