How Much you Need to Invest in Growing a Blog

You paid the price for your own dedicated domain name, you’ve bought the right theme (or had it custom built to your needs), you’ve subscribed to a hosting plan. You have sweat out the initial costs of starting your own blog, in the niche you have chosen, no matter if it’s online slots and other games, health and nutrition, personal finance or business. And now the real work can begin.

But for your blog to grow and generate profit, you need to invest in it. And not just work. Today, when hundreds of thousands of new domain names are registered every day, it’s borderline impossible to stand out through hard work alone. You either need luck for a piece of your content to go viral, and give you an unexpected boost in visitors, subscribers and profits, or you need to pay for promoting your blog, letting your public know of your existence.


First of all, you need to optimize your content to be easy to pick up by search engines. This you can learn on your own, or through the use of some free tools to help you. But it takes time – and some of us, who work full time, don’t have the energy or capacity to spend hours researching optimization techniques. This is when specialized services come in. But they will cost you.

An initial assessment of the necessary services will cost you anywhere between $500 and $1500. Optimization, link building and other services can cost you anywhere between $250 and $25,000 a month, depending on the complexity of the package that you subscribe to. These might not limit themselves to search engine optimization, but also offer you social media related services, content creation and more.


No matter how great your content is, there is no use if nobody knows about it. This is where advertising comes in. Called the soul of commerce, advertising will not only let potential customers know about your product (in our case, your blog), but also get them to return to it for more. But this will also cost you. From PPC services to paid ads on social networks, you can spend your hard earned dollars on a huge variety of forms of advertising.

Make sure it’s worth it

Before you consider investing all that money in your blog, first make sure it’s worth it. If you pump hundreds, thousands of dollars into your blog’s optimization and advertising, make sure you will have the means to generate profits. That’s your final goal, after all. Spending on a blog that has no potential to generate returns is like throwing money out the window. It might seem a good idea at the time – but will leave you with your pockets empty in the long run.