Mobile power banks from Xiaomi at Gearbest online store

Today I will discuss about the xiaomi power bank which I bought a few days ago. These days mobile have become a life running asset and one of the most simple reason to why this is because firstly it makes our work simple, easier and can save good amount of time, some other reasons are it keeps us engaged and it is a source of entertainment for most of the people.

With the growth of the of mobile phones, we have adapted latest technologies and we all require to keep up with our work which is not possible due to lack of power most of the times, smartphone have evolved but not to a extent where they could do work for continuously for more than 5-8 hrs/day.

This problem has easily been solved with the help of power banks and the leading names in the world of power banks is xiaomi, which has increase mobile-power to such a extent where you can easily keep them active for three times as if they are now.

The xiaomi power bank is packed with 16000 mAh battery which means it can provide hours of backup and you can easily rely on it for good amount of time, the power bank can be used to charge two devices together as it comes with two USB ports and this is one of the great feature it has, this means you can charge your mobile phone and your tablet together, the power bank has LED indicator as well that gives real time reminder.

Compatibility of the charger is quite good and it connected easily with most of the devices I tried some of them were iphone’s, android phones and windows phones as well, thus we can term it as a perfect iphone-power-bank.

When compared to other power banks available out there in the market it is one of the best I have bought, thus this product is best for work, travel, trips and anytime else where you are not able to charge your phone.