5 Tips to Make Your Website Secure

You might always be wondering which websites get hacked? You are relieved mostly because you think that you website does not have much to lose to hackers. Keep one thing in mind that any website can get hacked and the real purpose of hacking is mostly setting up temporary server to serve illegal files or other illegal practices. So, you must always be careful in this regard. Here are 5 tips to make your website secure and safe from the hackers.

  1. Keep your software updated

This is kind of obvious but most of the people don’t consider it. You must update your software as well as server operating system. When your software is not updated, security holes develop in the software and hackers start abusing them. For people using hosting solution that is managed, you don’t have to worry about it because the company will keep the system updated.

  1. XSS

The attacker can easily get in JavaScript or some other scripting code when there is cross site scripting. This is when he can run code that is malicious for your site’s visitors. When you are creating a form, make sure to check that the data is being submitted and strip out or encode any HTML.

  1. File uploads

Never let the users upload their files to your own website because it is one of the biggest security risks. Do not even let them do it to change the avatar. The file that is getting upload may look normal but could contain some script that could open up the website when executed on server.

  1. Web security tools

Always use some good security tools for pen testing or penetration testing. You can find many free and commercial web security tools online. They check if there are any chances for your website to get exploited and secure your servers.

  1. Passwords

Not everyone uses complex passwords. Make sure you are using strong passwords for admin area and server. Also, try to use strong passwords for the websites users. Make sure you are using uppercase as well as lowercase letters and make sure you are adding passwords yourself to other accounts on your website.

These are the tips that will help you in securing your website, and then you can decide if your website is secure enough. If you want to know more software and tech-related tips, then follow Techanics.