Windows 10 OS Launch after PC Edition


Microsoft is really busy at the moment because the company has already confirmed the release date for Windows 10, their next operating system. It is coming on July 29 and it will update the desktop version of the OS and simultaneously the mobile phones as well.

But, if you already own a Lumia phone and expect it to receive the update instantly, you might be in for a surprise now! First of all, technically it is not easy to update every phone to the latest operating system because the hardware specifications are limited and they aren’t ready to handle the new features yet.

Microsoft has officially confirmed that only a couple of phones, including the Lumia 640 and the Lumia 640 XL will receive Windows 10 update as soon as it gets officially launched.

OS Launch after PC Edition

Official statements confirm that Microsoft is going to have a strong focus on the desktop version of the Windows 10 operating system. Their attention is so focused because it is going to be one interface that should make the mouse, keyboard users and touch screen users happy. After making a lot of errors in the Windows 8 platform, the developers and designers have come together to seamlessly bridge the gap. It is going to support a lot of cross platform content, easy porting of Android apps to the devices and also allow people to buy stuff on just one device which will be made available on multiple platforms at once.


If the company manages to bring the best of the operating system on the desktop and tablets, they can easily port the same to mobile platforms. Because of these obvious reasons, it has been recently confirmed that Windows 10 for phones is not coming this summer but will rather be rolled out after the desktop edition.

Best Platform Ever Designed

iOS and Android dominate the mobile market at the moment but if things go as planned, Microsoft Windows 10 for phones could be one of the best operating system ever designed for the platform. It comes with Cortana voice assistant, which is an equally competent feature similar to Siri on iPhones. The phone will also sport an all-new browser named Edge which could be a turning point for smartphone internet users if it is as good as promoted by the company. It has been designed with touch screen devices in mind and will allow users to instantly mark any content on a web page, so that it can be shared online, sent or uploaded to the cloud.

The operating system will come bundled with MS Office which is an important software that most business users and people who need productivity will adore. It also has One Note, One Drive for easy cloud storage and Bing search engine, which has seen considerable improvement in the recent past. It shouldn’t be long before the Windows Phone version gets upgraded to 10 and once it does, one can expect the true potential of the platform to come to the forefront.