Nexus 6 Cheaper Until June 23 – Nexus 5 (2015) Release Date, Features and Price


The release date of Nexus 5 (2015) is getting closer and closer. According to some new reports, the price of this upcoming device will be under 500 dollars.

Google plans to release the upcoming Nexus 5 (2015), also known as Nexus 5 2nd Generation, sometime in October or November 2015, as the Nexus 6 will turn one year since it has been out on the market.

It seems that Google is trying to keep its handsets at an affordable price by not changing their design and adding new features to them. We’re not sure if this is a good move made by Google, but we’ll probably notice that after the upcoming Nexus 5 will get released.

We remind you that the 16GB variant of Nexus 5 was released with a price tag of 350 dollars, while the 32GB variant was sold for 400 dollars. However, when the Nexus 6 was released, the 32GB variant was sold for 649 dollars, while the 64GB variant was sold for 699 dollars. It seems that the price was one of the main reasons why this device was not as popular as the Nexus 5.

If the rumors prove to be right, Google is planning to release a new Nexus 5 (2015) that is codenamed “LG Bullhead”. It seems that Google is working again with LG for this upcoming device.

According to rumors, the Nexus 5 (2015) will feature a 5.2inch display, which is 0.2inch longer than the current Nexus 5, it will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor and it will be powered up by a 2.700mAh battery.

The Nexus 5 (2015) is expected to run on the upcoming Android M OS that was previewed during I/O 2015.

Nexus 6 150 dollars cheaper on!

It seems that the Nexus 6 phablet is getting a colossal price reduction on! The 64GB variant of Nexus 6 is now sold for only 499.99 dollars and the offer is available until June 23, 2015. The same offer can be found on Amazon, BestBuy and other online stores. However, these stores don’t have a time limit for the offer.

The Motorola Nexus 6 was released in October 2014 and it features a 5.96inch Quad HD display, a Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM. The device comes with two storage options of 32GB and 64GB, it features a primary camera of 13MP on the rear side and a 2MP secondary camera on the front side for selfies.

The Nexus 6 has connectivity options such as: 4G LTE, 3G, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and it’s powered by a 3220mAh battery.