Blackberry Oslo specs and features: Rounded edges and steel frame

New images of the Blackberry Oslo smartphone have just showed up in the web, giving a glimpse of what the new upcoming smartphone will look like, and what its specifications and features are.

Blackberry wesbite
The Blackberry Passport with its classic, physical keyboard.

The new images,¬†which were revealed by, show that the new Blackberry Oslo will look almost similar in design to Blackberry’s previous smartphone model, the Blackberry Passport.

Reports claim that the Blackberry Oslo will also pack the same specifications of the Blackberry Passport.

The Blackberry Passport was released last September 2014 and runs on the Blackberry OS 10 operating system. The handset is known for its large and wide square-shaped design and display screen.

Unlike the previous model, the images show that the new Oslo smartphone will have smooth and curved edges, and a steel frame that will come with silver plastic. The new Blackberry Oslo is expected to come with a 13 mega pixel rear camera, powered by Qualcomm’s 2.2GHz MSM8974 Snapdragon 801 processor.

The Blackberry Oslo will come with 3GB worth of RAM and a 3450mAh battery. It will run on Blackberry’s latest operating system, the Blackberry OS 10.3.2 version, and will possibly have 32GB worth of expandable internal storage memory. The new handset will also come with Blackberry’s famous QWERTY keyboard, just like its predecessor.

The Blackberry Passport was commended for its large display screen that gives users an easy way to edit and read documents. Others have criticized the Passport for having a large size design, arguing that it only makes it uncomfortable and difficult for users to place in their pockets. The Passport’s display screen is larger than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

The release date, including the price, of the new Blackberry Oslo handset still remains unclear.