PS4 Slim Tekken 7 Deluxe Edition Bundle India Price, Availability, and More

The PS4 Slim gets another bundle for India. This time, Sony India will be selling the PS4 Slim 1TB console with Tekken 7 Deluxe Edition. Several retailers speaking to Gadgets 360 have confirmed its availability from this week in India for Rs. 32,990. It will be available at Sony Centre stores, Amazon India, and Flipkart though its yet to be listed on either e-commerce platform at this juncture, but it will show up shortly.

Independent retailers may not get access to this bundle due to the limited quantities that it will be available in. Gadgets 360 has learned all of 300 units have made it to India. We’ve reached out to Sony India for comment and will update it when we hear from the company.

PS4 Slim Tekken 7 Deluxe Edition Bundle India Price, Availability, and MoreThis bundle comes with the aforementioned PS4 Slim 1TB console and Tekken 7 Deluxe Edition. When Tekken 7 hit India, the Deluxe Edition never made it to retail. It contains the Tekken 7 Season Pass. This allows fans access to the game as well as new characters, stages, cosmetic items, and an entirely new game mode. All of these will be made available over the course of three content updates. Furthermore, fans also gain over 30 metallic costumes that let them stand out online.

Earlier it was rumoured that Sony would bring Tekken 7 along with the PS4 Pro – which was one of the bundles available in Europe. This hasn’t come to pass. Reason being, the PS4 Pro is in short supply and Sony itself hasn’t been able to keep up with demand.

PS4 Software Update 5.0 Could Let You Change Your PSN ID, Play PS1 Games, and a Whole Lot More: Report

The PS4 system software update v5.0 could bring a host of new features to Sony’s popular black box. We could see the PS4 gain features like access to PSOne Classics, the ability to hide or completely remove items from library; the ability to delete items from your library, the introduction of a store wishlist; an increase in the maximum number of people allowed in a party, and, the ability to change your PSN ID.

PSOne Classics means you could play old titles from Sony’s debut console on the PS4. How this could be implemented remains to be seen. In the past, PSOne titles like Final Fantasy VII were made available for the PS4 with some modern upgrades like removing all random encounters and the ability to speed up the game. A year later, Sony revealed that select PS2 games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City could be played on the PS4 with trophy support and modern graphical touches. Previously a patent was spotted that allows Sony to add trophy support to PS1 and PS2 games

PS4 Software Update 5.0 Could Let You Change Your PSN ID, Play PS1 Games, and a Whole Lot More: ReportAdding a store wish list as well as changing your PSN handle have been oft-requested features, which also goes to show how far behind PSN is compared to Xbox Live and Steam.

The reason why speculation is rife on these features making the cut, is a survey that Sony conducted back in 2015. Nearly half of the requested features that users wanted such as notifications and appearing offline are already available for the console, leaving the above functions pending. Having said that, PS4 update 5.0 will be in beta at the end of the month and should hit all owners mid-August.

Past PS4 firmware updates such as 4.50 codenamed Sasuke added external hard drive support as well as unadvertised functionality such as Boost Mode.

Call of Duty: World War 2 Private Beta Bonuses Announced

The Call of Duty: World War 2 private beta for PS4 starts from August 25 and ends on August 28.

In the run up to this, Activision has announced what bonus items will be given to those who partake in it. Dubbed as the Call of Duty: World War 2 Private Beta Combat Pack, this is what it has.

Call of Duty: World War 2 Private Beta Combat Pack contents

  • Custom helmet
  • Beta calling card
  • Call of Duty: World War 2 emblem

Call of Duty: World War 2 Private Beta Bonuses AnnouncedThese will be available to those who play the Call of Duty: World War 2 private beta in the full game when it hits in November. Keep in mind that access to the private beta is only for those who pre-order the game. Xbox One players can try it out from September 1 to September 4 along with PS4 users again. No beta date has been given for PC gamers just yet.

Earlier, Call of Duty: World War 2’s India price was revised. According to several retailers speaking to Gadgets 360, the game will cost Rs. 4,499 on the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version of Call of Duty: World War 2 is now Rs. 3,799. Previously it was announced that the game will cost Rs. 4,299 on the PS4 and Xbox One and Rs. 3,499 on PC.

Mass Effect: Andromeda PS4 Pro Limited Edition Revealed

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been in the news for its animations this week, but it’s also the first game to grace a special edition PS4 Pro console.

Sony has abstained from making any variants of its souped up PS4, preferring to stick to the usual matte black finish that we’ve seen on standard PS4 Slims as well. In fact the last limited edition Sony console was the classy looking Final Fantasy XV PS4 Slim.

The Mass Effect: Andromeda PS4 Pro limited edition is decked out in blue and white with a custom controller to boot while the top of the console has the game’s key art and logo which looks rather ostentatious.

Mass Effect: Andromeda PS4 Pro Limited Edition Revealed

However if this piques your interest, you’ll have to be in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland to win it. The Mass Effect: Andromeda PS4 Pro limited edition is exclusive to these countries (according to popular gaming forum NeoGAF) and can be obtained only through a contest that’s being run by Sony right now.

For what it’s worth, our early impressions deemed Mass Effect: Andromeda a potentially exciting entry to the franchise. While the PC version seems to be superior to its console counterparts, we can’t help but feel that the issues related to its animations have been overstated. Stay tuned to our full review of Mass Effect: Andromeda next week.

Free Online Multiplayer on the PS4 This Weekend

Last generation, one of the biggest reasons to own a PlayStation 3 (PS3) was the fact that you didn’t have to pay to play games with online multiplayer. This time around though, you have to pay Sony for the privilege of doing so on the PS4. With so many games sporting an online multiplayer component, it’s hard not to imagine anyone without a PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) subscription. Even if you aren’t the sort to play online regularly, it’s well worth it for the games you get access to each month.

Nonetheless, Sony wants to let those without a PS Plus subscription to realise what they’re missing out on. The company announced that from December 11, 12:01am PST (1:31pm IST) to December 13, 11:59pm PST (December 14, 1:29pm IST), all PS4 owners can play online multiplayer for free.

“To get started, log on to PlayStation Network during the free weekend period, launch your favourite multiplayer game, and you’ll instantly have access to multiplayer with your friends,” said Andy Lum of Sony Computer Entertainment America on the PlayStation Blog.

“There’s no membership commitment required to try out online multiplayer during this period.”

Considering that popular shooters like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront have seen most of their user base on the PS4, it appears that Sony wants to go for the jugular and ensure all PS4 users get to check out the benefits of online play.

Will you be booting up your PS4 to play online this weekend? Let us know in the comments.