Providing Modern Medical Equipment to the World

Modern medicine is dependent on modern medical tools. In many parts of the world, there are some very skilled doctors who are doing all that they can to help their patients have the best outcome possible. However, they are hampered by the fact that they do not have the latest technology or that they have a minimal amount of medical supplies. These doctors put their heart into their work, and they want to give their patients the best treatment possible. But just wanting to be able to help a patient is not always enough. Doctors need to have the equipment needed to perform certain procedures.

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Something that people often do not consider is the fact that medical supplies cost the same regardless of where they are being purchased. For example, a hospital in the middle of the Congo is going to have to spend the same amount of money to purchase a harmonic scalpel or for harmonic scalpel repair as will a hospital in the United States. The only change is that in the Congo, or in other developing nations, the budget is not always there. So many of these nations rely on donated equipment to be able to help their patients.

A really positive thing is the attitude that is displayed by people around the world. People from developed countries are constantly contributing financially and donating the medical tools needed in order to help individuals around the world have access to modern medicine. When natural disasters strike developing countries, such as when a typhoon struck the Philippines, a lot of the medical equipment that is used is donated. This includes things ranging from bandages all the way to patient monitors. As a result of this goodwill and as a result of this positive spirit from the international community, individuals who just survived a traumatic event are able to get the care that they need.

Donated equipment is at the heart of the decrease in infant mortality rates around the world. For example, something as simple as an infant incubator, which can cost in excess of $20,000, when donated can save the lives of a premature baby or a baby undergoing distress immediately after birth.

Infant mortality rates plummet when doctors have access to tools like ultrasound devices to provide a mother the assistance that she needs prior to the birth of her child.

It is amazing to see how the kindness and generosity of people around the world are helping the most vulnerable individuals on the planet get the care they deserve.