Google Pixel, Pixel XL Phones Tipped to Launch With Android 7.1 Nougat

Google Pixel, Pixel XL Phones Tipped to Launch With Android 7.1 Nougat

  • Leaks suggest Pixel phones will come out with Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Leaked renders show the front panel of the upcoming smartphones
  • GCF Certification further confirms HTC has made the upcoming phones

There is no shortage of leaks for the upcoming Google-branded Pixel phones, and the latest ones in line suggest that the smartphones will come with yet-to-be-released Android 7.1 Nougat. Further, the leaked renders of the smartphones Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL show the front panel designs in their full glory.

As per the tests on Geekbench, Google Pixel phones will come with the upcoming version of Google’s mobile platform and will pack 4GB of RAM. The smartphones are expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 820 SoC (with new revision).

As per a report by Android Headlines, the TPU cases for the smartphones are already available for purchase at AliExpress. The images of the cases suggest that the Pixel XL will carry a fingerprint scanner at the same position as Nexus 5X or a Nexus 6P.

According to another leak from the website, the smartphones have also been spotted passing through Global Certification Forum. The GCF certification has further confirmed that the smartphones will indeed be manufactured by HTC.

In a separate leak, reported by Phone Arena, renders of the front panel of the Pixel smartphones can be seen. The renders suggest that the smartphones will carry a screen size of 4.99-inches and 5.46-inches, in line with earlier leaks.

Last month, Google was reported to be dropping its Nexus-branding, and launch the upcoming smartphones under its own brand. Gadgets 360 also learnt that Google may release the smartphones “in a handful of countries including India” in September.

However, another report recently claimed that the smartphones will be shown at the company’s event on October 4.


New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Units to Sport Green Battery Indicator to Show They’re Safe

New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Units to Sport Green Battery Indicator to Show They're Safe

  • In Korea, new Note 7 units with Green battery indicator shipping
  • Consumers can check whether their Note 7 units are safe via new website
  • Small 13 percent usage decline since the recall date, claims new data

Samsung had announced ways for people to check whether the Galaxy Note 7 is safe or not bychecking the label on the retail box. The South Korean company is not taking chances and has started shipping new and replacement Galaxy Note 7 units with a Green-coloured battery indicator that replaces the White indicator seen so far on the shipped units. Additionally, new data has surfaced that claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users are not exchanging their unsafe units.

The new battery indicator colour on new and replacement Galaxy Note 7 units is just one more way for users to differentiate between safe and unsafe handsets. ZDNet reports that Samsung has started “delivering new batches” of the Galaxy Note 7 to distributors as well as stores in homeland and is expected to kick off exchanges starting Monday. The report points out that Samsung hasn’t cleared that the same measure will be repeated for units that ship to other markets. In South Korea, Samsung sold almost 400,000 Galaxy Note 7 units before announcing official recall. The report says Samsung will have enough new units by next week to replace all sold so far in South Korea.

In addition Samsung, as promised previously, has made its dedicated page live for users to enter the IMEI numbers of their Galaxy Note 7 units to see whether they are safe for use. The website is easy to use and just requires users to enter te IMEI number of their Galaxy Note 7 unit to check on the onlinedatabase.

In the meanwhile, Apteligent has released its data claiming to show the Galaxy Note 7 adoption. According to the released data, the adoption rate dropped after Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Note 7 recall. The data shows adoption rate of the Note 7 as of end of Wednesday. There has been a “small 13 percent usage decline since the recall date,” claims Apteligent. It’s worth noting that the data released doesn’t include all the markets where Note 7 was selling and it collected the information through app data on mobile platforms. Though, it slightly offers indication about the adoption rate of the Note 7.

In the US, almost one million Note 7 smartphones were officially recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission on Thursday.

Samsung has already urged Galaxy Note 7 consumers to stop using the smartphone and go for an exchange, if affected by the issue.


Top X Ways to Getting First Million Downloads for Your App Without Spending Single Penny

There are many inspiring stories on the web, which are enough to push you to start your journey. The journey lies ahead may be more difficult without learning the basics.

It can be even more challenging when you invest in your product or idea without having any experience and yet you want to be successful. There are only two ways either you have to be lucky, or you have plenty of money throw around in advertisements. There is no guarantee even if you are to invest into ads. You might get a million downloads, but there is no ensure that people are willing to use it.

Image result for Top X Ways to Getting First Million Downloads for Your App Without Spending Single Penny

Build a Website

It might seem a little odd for an Android or iOS app, but most of the reputed apps have websites to display they are trustable and can be reached via the website as well. Their presence on a search engine is very efficient. To give you a quick look you can check out Snapchat or

Build an Email List

Building an email list has always been an exciting part of the business. Before your app launches build an email list and using them after the launch of your app because it will get you instant traffic and downloads. Use smart ways to find out where to get the people email address, who are interested in your app.

Create Your App Video

Users love watching stories on video and make it creative, interesting, funny and entertaining. Do not add anything complicated but very easy to understand the video.

The video represents your app functions and quality so be careful when you are making a video of your app. If you have never done this before, then you can take a suggestion from your mentors or rivals. Go to any top guy in the app market and check out the video carefully.

Reach out Bloggers

There is three fastest way to help your idea to grow huge in a matter of days. One fo them is to reach out the major bloggers and ask them to write about your app, or you can write 1000+ words content, explaining about your app carefully.

Bloggers have a huge number of followers and traffic. Bloggers are successful because people trust what they sell that is why they are acknowledged as significant role in advertisement community.

Share your App and Start a blog

Many of you already know that you can use Facebook and the other leading social media to promote your app, but the best and the alternative way is to start a blog on your official website and tell how fresh is your app and how they should use them indirectly.

An opportunity for you to promote your app every day in new, different ways, which will have a positive impact. Similarly you can promote your app by buying android app reviews.

Use Social Media Carefully

Let’s say that, your app is about viral images and news then you should use Reddit to tell them how cool your platform is for them. By adding a blog post every day on your blogs inspire the users to try yo0ur app more than once.

Reach out Facebook Pages Admin

If you are looking for effective way to make your app viral, and then contact the facebook page owners, whose pages are relevant to your app then you should ask them to promote it. Since the user engagement on the pages is high, the exposure of your app will be great.


There are many fantastic ways to promote your app and get better download rate in a matter of a month.

New Digital Antenna Could Revolutionise Mobile Phones

New Digital Antenna Could Revolutionise Mobile Phones: StudyNew Digital Antenna Could Revolutionise Mobile Phones: Study
Scientists have developed new digital antennas which may lead to next generation of smartphones that are more energy efficient and are up to 100 to 1000 times faster than current cellphones.

Currently, smartphone antennas are placed at the top and bottom of the screens, which means phone’s touch screen does not cover the entire phone. With the help of new method, developed by researchers at Aalto University in Finland, antennas need less space and the phone display can be made larger and the phone design can be more free.

The new antenna makes it possible to reach the data transfer speed set as the objective for the next generation of phones, which is 100 to 1000 times faster than that of current phones.

In addition, battery life will be improved owing to the greater efficiency of the new method. With the new digital antennas, “many smartphone

applications like GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will no longer need their own antennas,” said Jari-Matti Hannula, a doctoral candidate at Aalto University.

“All of the phone’s data transfer can take place through one digitally controlled antenna. This in turn makes phone design easier and enables a larger screen size as the antenna does not require so much space,” added Hannula. Traditionally one antenna works with either one or a few different frequencies. With the new digital antennas, several small antenna elements can be combined to work together as one antenna that can be made to operate digitally with any frequency, researchers said.
These new antennas may also dispose of the analogue components that traditional antennas use to tune into the desired frequency. This facilitates antenna design and enables the creation of more compact antennas with better radiation efficiency.

Antenna’s radiation efficiency has in recent times been falling because the frequency range used by mobile phones has been continuously increasing. Poor radiation efficiency leads to a short transmission range, for which network operators are then forced to compensate with a denser network of base stations.

Energy is wasted in both the phone and the base station. In addition, increasing the network density is expensive. The new method will revolutionise the fifth generation of mobile phones. The antennas currently in use are mostly based on technology developed half a century ago. The research was published in the journal IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters.

How to Install GBA4iOS Emulator oniOS 9.3

Version 2.1 of GBA4iOS, a well known as a Game Boy Advance emulator for iOS 9.3, is currently accessible for download. The redesigned rendition brings a few new components including an iPad form, Dropbox backing and cheats codes. GBA4iOS emulator has been totally overhauled for iOS9.3 with another program that makes it simple to download diversions and similarity with MFi Game controllers. In particular, the dissemination can be introduced without jail breaking your iOS gadget. The emulator exploits Apple’s Enterprise Distribution program, which permits the establishment of non-App Store applications without the need to escape a gadget.

How to Download GBA4iOS on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 9.3

One can introduce the GBA4iOS by searching to the GBA4iOS download page utilizing Mobile Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on the “Download GBA4iOS 2.1” connection to begin the establishment process. In only a couple of minutes, GBA4iOS will be prepared to open. GBA4iOS cautions clients that they might need to set the gadget clock back to 2/19/14, on the off chance that they experience issues with the application not opening.

Following the time when the beginning of jail breaking, a standout amongst the most mainstream motivations to hack an iPhone was to empower playing of things such as GBA, NDS or PS amusements by means of emulators. A standout amongst the most famous emulators of late years is GBA4iOS, which permits iPhone and iPad proprietors to play Game Boy Advance emulator on their cell phones. Moreover, GBA4iOS needn’t bother with a jail broken gadget so as to work; rather it uses Apple’s own particular authentications to permit clients to introduce the emulator.

Unfortunately, Apple tends to close these escape clauses decently fast by renouncing the testament that is utilized, however another rendition of GBA4iOS is presently accessible. The terrible news is that it again utilizes an Apple authentication that is prone to be pulled eventually, so in the event that you need to utilize it, this is the ideal opportunity to introduce it.

The well known Game Boy Advance emulator, GBA4iOS has been upgraded to version 2.1 and now works without requiring an escape or any insane workarounds. On top of GBA imitating, you’ll likewise get support for Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

When you download GBA4iOS, you can alter the look of the application, introduce skins, and introduce your ROMs. The application underpins a web program to discover and download ROMs all alone, or you can drag them over through iTunes. There’s additionally a Drop box choice for synchronizing, yet I kept running into blunder messages each time I attempted to utilize it. From our tests, amusements appear to play pretty easily, yet you’ll likely have diverse results relying upon which iOS gadget you have. To introduce GBA4iOS, simply go to the connection underneath in versatile Safari and snap the download catch. The application will download and introduce onto your telephone or iPad from Safari.

Get the Hottest Details about the Asus Zenfone Zoom

Asus has always been a pioneer when it comes to launching newer innovations which is why it has amassed quite a fan following amongst users. Asus believes in going the extra mile to stay ahead of competition and providing unmatchable products to its users. In comes the Asus Zenfone Zoom which will surely thrill photography enthusiasts with its stunning specifications and offering. You can get your hands on this zazzy device with flipkart coupons to avail brilliant prices.

Check out all the hottest details about the Asus Zenfone Zoom that will make you want to buy it immediately:

Design and Structure


The phone consists of a stunning aluminium unibody construction that is usually found in high end phones. It has an elegant and neat finish which is further accentuated by a leather coating towards the back. The phone is only 5 mm in thickness making it extremely easy to hold and operate. This is surely one of the most comprehensive structures that combine good strength and beauty in its design earning it the Good Design Award of 2015.


The phone is completely addictive thanks to its 5.5 inch Full HD IPS display which brings alive every color giving you a screen that makes every activity come alive be it playing games, watching movies or running apps. The phone also has a Corning Gorilla Glass Protection 4 which helps prevent the screen from developing cracks and protects it from finger smudges as well. Make use of Shopclues coupons to find not just this phone but a range of other stunning Asus phones that will surely leave you thrilled.




What make this phone so spectacularly amazing are its internal configuration. The phone runs on a 2.5GHz Intel Atom Quad Core Processor which is paired with a stunningly impressive 4GB RAM which makes its function all the more smooth and lag free. The performance of the phone is quite unmatched given its internal configuration. It comes with a 128GB ROM which is quite massive giving you ample space to carry your data. If this wasn’t enough, the memory is further expandable up to another whopping 128GB which makes this phone almost impossible to replicate. Such internals is what makes this phone all the more stunning.



The camera is what sets apart the Asus Zenfone Zoom as the phone is equipped with a 13MP primary camera which supports up to 3X Optical Zoom making extremely cutting edge and hard to beat. The clarity of the photographs is crystal clear allowing you to take clear shots of distant objects as well and will make you feel as if you own a DSLR. It runs on state of the art HOYA Lens Technology giving it a periscopic view and making the end result of the picture quality extremely breath-taking. It has optical image stabilization options as well. It comes with a DSLR quality 4 stop OIS which helps capture every shot perfectly even in dim lit conditions. The phone is also equipped with Shake Free option that gives clear photographs in almost every condition.



The phone has a stunning performance as it has a variety of performance boosters. It runs on a 3000 mAh battery which makes sure it never fails to impress and provides a long lasting output. It has a SonicMaster 2.0 audio technology making every game and movie experience come alive. As for connectivity, it supports LTE and 4G speeds to give you nonstop browsing speed. These overall factors make this phone hard to beat.

These stunning features of the Asus Zenfone Zoom beckon you to invest in one right away thanks to its unbeatable price and features!

SendOTP Authentication- A Significant Part Of Secure Transactions


In today’s sophisticated world of PCs, tablets, laptops, smart phones, and 24-hour wireless connectivity, most of our banking transactions, purchasing, bill payments and many other transactions are done online. We do this expecting that the outlets chosen are using the prime and protected financial portals for the financial transactions. Any gap in this security could possibly result in loss of secret data that could be maltreated by deceptive hackers.

If you are just buying a product online, you will be asked for your credentials such as user name or login ID after which you will be asked to enter a transaction ID usually send via Transactional SMS; this along with the log-in ID assures and securely authenticates you as the original account holder and move further with the transaction. If there is a doubt about the originality of the user, banks and other financial institutions send OTP SMS authentication, which is delivered to the registered mobile user as a part of the log in process; this only works for customers or users who have registered their mobile or smart phone numbers with the bank.

Another method that banks and other financial organizations ensure the safety of their customers when using the online payment option is to use a managed two factor authentication method to reinforce their authentication process. When online payment and transactions first began, we just had to use a specific factor, i.e., our password and username to authenticate ourselves, but that was not a very safe method pointing to the two factor authentication method. By using this authentication method, customers were provided with an additional layer of security through using a second type of authentication besides the conventional username and log-in password i.e. by sending an OTP SMS.

Companies needing high-security consent for their employees when working online away from the office or headquarters use single-hearted tokens like the key fobs or SecureID keys from organizations like RSA. This offers a unique password in every sixty seconds and was used as 2fa for a very long time. However, with that system being contravened, security services have come up with the tokenless OTP. This was found to be quite helpful for banks, particularly when their customers use the ATM machine to draw money or many other transactions. You swipe the magnetic ATM card which then asks for the confidential PIN, which is the second verification factor. But, it is in online transactions that most people use the 2fa process, without even knowing it.

As it is very well known that security and convenience are inversely proportional to each other. It means the more security you need, the less convenient it is and the more convenience you need, the less secure they make you. No matter what security measures we try to apply, the human attribute will be a very weak link in the chain of security.

Should My Business Choose A Hosted VoIP Service?

Compared to traditional telephone communication systems, a Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol system is a much more cost-effective method of communication. Companies employ a Private Branch Exchange or PBX to connect internal phones to external lines for communication. VoIP business phone systems offer free calling with excellent long distance rates, as well as full service feature lists including call auto attendant, advanced call-routing, location calling and customer management software built-in. Features like these are free from VoIP business phone providers but are pricey add-ons with traditional communications providers. Flexibility is also a major advantage of a VoIP business phone system because upgrading the system is simple and customizations can be done easily from an online user interface provided by the service provider. Voice quality for your calls is reliant on your Internet connections bandwidth but with today’s high-speed offerings call quality is no longer an issue with VoIP communications.

Should My Business Choose A Hosted VoIP Service

Once your business has made the decision to move on from traditional telephone communication networks and is ready to make the switch to a VoIP system there is one question that remains;

Do I choose a hosted VoIP service or an On Premise VoIP system?

Switching to a VoIP business phone system is advantageous no matter which system is chosen in the end. However, there are differences between the two that are best to know beforehand. Both methods have unique advantages and disadvantages but one type is not necessarily better than the other. It is more about which suits your business better. Small business will most likely enjoy the low cost and easy scalability of a hosted system, while a larger business may choose the added level of control and customization that a premise-based system can offer.

The biggest difference between the two systems is whether it is installed onto your businesses LAN or whether it is a hosted service, accessed over the Internet. An on-premise VoIP system is installed onto your businesses infrastructure and connects to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). This means your IT staff is responsible for installing the VoIP system and also upgrading existing routers to work with the new system. With hosted systems, all that is required is to sign-up with a provider and an to have a IP telephone to start making calls. If any upgrades or installations are required, a VoIP business phone system provider technician will take care of it. This saves the headache of figuring out which hardware is required and then setting it up correctly. An on-premise system also requires in-house management to maintain function and efficiency, where a hosted system does not. Maintaining a complex phones system can be a difficult task. An in-house system offers more immediate control, as you do not need to wait for your provider to take action but requires staff with a suitable level of expertise. Customization is also faster with an on-site system even thought the same is possible from a provider.

In terms or scalability, a hosted VoIP service has the edge because making an upgrade is as easy as making a phone call. Your provider will already have extensive network infrastructure ready to go whereas an in-house system will require new hardware with installation and setup.

Another consideration is cost and pricing of the proposed VoIP systems. A hosted system will most likely cost more in the long run, assuming that once installed the system operates smoothly. A hosted system is initially cheaper because it requires no capital expenditure on hardware or costly upgrades, and the provider handles service issues. However, the cost of hardware is incorporated into your monthly bill, which will therefore be slightly more expensive than the operating cost of an on premise system. This comparison usually ends in a toss-up because hardware issues or upgrades are difficult to account for with an on-premise system. The general rule is that a hosted system is usually beneficial for most businesses, with the exception being large businesses that already staff and an in depth IT department capable of handling all VoIP installations.

No matter which system your business chooses, you can rest assured that your company will enjoy the same benefits that make VoIP communications so advantageous for business. Your communication flexibility will improve drastically and your system will be future-proofed, enabling your business to use advanced communication technology as the need arises.

Privacy updated with Leo privacy safeguarding system

Privacy updated with Leo privacy safeguarding system

With downloading songs and many other games, we face a lot of difficulties. This is because of the virus that sustains on your mobile set. Sometimes this damages the system. But no more tension with handling this. Here comes the Leo privacy guard, which has sorted out all such problems in fraction of seconds. This is going to serve with a tremendous response for the service. One can download it easily and save their mobile and hello tunes as well. To review Leo privacy guard, there is no other exceptional case study to discuss. With this software accessed one can completely safe guard their privacy and stay protected. This is an advanced f0rmat to store private albums, pictures, songs and videos. There is password set forward to make this successful. This excellent application is designed and devised by Leo master which is one of the leading app ranking app. Due to its awesome performance, it is ranked among the no 1 Indian at Google play top app chart. All apart this indeed is the highest ranking mobile security app.

Comparison with the old version

To review Leo privacy guard, one can say that the new version is quite develop and innovative one. This is because it’s quite advanced than the old ones. These are probably the reason:-

  • The new version is more compact as a soft ware will eliminate complicated procedures and present user with the handiest software.
  • It is installed with an optimized unlocking interface that can completely hide your unlocking pattern and firmly protect privacy.
  • An optimized interface rendering more sensitive interface and smoother animation will present with a different visual experience.

For these popular advantages, the Leo privacy guard is famous not only across India, but is also ranked in the top mobile application tools in several popular smart phone markets like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Russia. The software came to account in November 2014, from the day onwards this has received a prior popularity across the globe.

Being among the most trusted and convenient protector for personal photos and videos. This is going to keep the secrets aware and assorted. This version is quite advanced and reviewed the most efficient ones.


This application software is quite simple and effective. This app completely focuses on the simplicity and utility. The main features include lock, privacy protection and settings tabs. This is easily performed with user using this can take a glance at the present protection level and toggle privacy settings. This privacy control is applicable on photos, videos, messages and call records. Overall this allows for an effective and individualized execution that streamlines the smooth user experience. Due to its performance it is considered to be one of the smartest and intelligent app locking tools. Rather this is designed with innovation to create a better device and maintain the most applicable process of safe guarding the device. The app has introduced a really innovative way to categorize privacy protection across several like;-

  • Dangerous
  • Vigilant
  • Normal
  • Good


An excellent performance o this app has made it popular among all and is even growing with its demand to explore more of its features.


Why Leave Your iPhone 6s To Chance? Protect It With A Skin

Your iPhone 6s is one of your most treasured possessions. Considering its long list of responsibilities, it’s little wonder why. It holds all of your important information, like phone numbers, calendar details, and daily to-do lists. With a swipe of a finger you can search the web for the most efficient route home or take a pic of the rush-hour commute. Though small, your iPhone 6s is incredibly advanced and valuable, doubly so when you take into consideration its price tag. When you rely so much on your phone, you can’t let an accident damage it. Protect what’s yours with a customized skin.


When so many of your fellow iPhone users opt to protect their phone with a case, you might be wondering why you’d choose a skin. The short answer is that it’s better. A case is a bulky piece of plastic that never quite fits the exact dimensions of your phone. There’s always a tiny bit of space between the case and the phone, where crumbs, dirt, and grime inevitably collect. And because cases fit around the phone, they add a ton of bulk that the 6s doesn’t need. iPhone 6s skins adhere flush against your cell phone, leaving no room for any crumb to infiltrate. It does this while being incredibly thin addition to your phone, so your phone won’t become too unwieldy to use.

By opting for an iPhone 6s skin, you’re losing none of the personalization that can come with a case. In fact, you’re opening a door to a whole new style for your iPhone. With unique colour and texture combinations, a skin can transform your 6s into something totally ‘you’. Whether ‘you’ means a faux-wood mahogany or a bright orange skin, there’s the option to personalize and wow your friends. Once you apply a skin, no one will mistake your 6s for anyone else’s.

But more importantly, an iPhone 6s skin protects your phone like nothing else. Scratches, dents, and even accidental spills are no match for its 3M vinyl – a material that conveniently adds extra grip to your slippery phone. So while it’s stopping sharp objects from taking a gouge out of the back of your phone, the vinyl is also stopping your 6s from slipping from your fingers and greeting the floor. This is a huge benefit, considering how notorious iPhone screens are for shattering once dropped.

If you want a skin that provides the most amount of protection, you need one that’s custom fit to the unique dimensions of your 6s. Not every skin provider can offer accuracy down to the last millimetre, but when your 6s is only 138mm, being off by one or two is a big deal. To make sure your skin has the best fit, you should shop around, checking out the latest skins from dbrand for your iPhone 6s in your search. When you compare the precision each company can offer, the numbers will speak for themselves. Don’t settle for anything that can’t offer a perfect fit to your 6s.

So don’t wait to start your research. Find the best fitting skin for your iPhone 6s and start protecting your most treasured possession. Once you’ve wrapped it up with 3M vinyl, nothing will get in the way of your texting, calling, and anything else you use your phone for.