8 Types of Blog Posts to Drive Huge Traffic Easily

The content of a blog is often an amalgam of a blogger’s experiences, thoughts, and research. With the changing trends in search engine optimization and social media communications, the bloggers cannot confine themselves in self-constructed premises of creativity. The world of blogging has gloriously changed now. People want you to interact in a simpler, yet interesting way. They need you to connect with them and create a bond, which should be strong enough to bring the visitors back to your blog.


The techniques of driving huge traffic to your blog are based on two steps i.e. to maximize the number of regular visitors and to generate more leads. If you are looking for more shares, likes, and visits then the following types of blog posts will keep your business up!

1.     Long List Posts

  • Easy to scan
  • Highly informative
  • Easy to read
  • To the point
  • Selective and focused information
  • Easier bonding with the reader
  • Expanded
  • More links
  • Simple

The aforementioned reasons explain why long list posts boost the traffic drive!

2.     Data-Driven/Researched Content

The use of complex words and fancy connotation makes a blog post visually confusing. A majority of the blog visitors wants to see the stats in numbers. They need facts that prove the authenticity of your research. Data-driven and well-researched content not only attracts more visitors but it also keeps them hooked.

3.     Tutorials, Practical Tips, and How-To Guides

‘How to write a blog post that drives traffic’ – You wrote this phrase or something similar that landed you here. How-to: these two words are the most repeated words on the search engines. Tutorials, practical guides, and how-to tips assists the visitors in fulfilling day-to-day tasks.

4.     Checklists

Going on vacation? Here is the checklist!

Traveling with baby? Checklist!

Ready for delivery? Checklist!

Preparing to move? Checklist!

The checklists cater with routine life of the visitors. They have a problem and you can solve it. Meanwhile, it also generates a virtual bond with the traffic to keep it returning to your blog.

5.     Review

Again, reviews deal with the routine problems of your audiences. They are willing to spend money on something and they need a review. However, the audience is clever enough to differentiate between honest reviews and paid ones. Ideally, you should focus on honest reviews only to establish loyal traffic base.

6.     Personal Stories

Among these viral content writing tips, writing personal stories is a tactic that not only generates a loyal traffic base but it also becomes a source of your catharsis. It connects the alike minds and help you build a loyal community of visitors.

7.     Case Study

Authenticated information, supported with well-researched data is highly valued in practical world. Case studies are admired more because the market in case study is always highly focused. You can post case studies about your own profession.

8.     Rebellion Posts

The politicians have been inciting and generating votes in the name of different types of rebellion wars. It is against religion, race, stereotypes, society standards, personal interests, or any other thing. The political market could be saturated but the social media space has a lot of room for generating such fan-base. Above all, you will become the leader.

Here, we have discussed eight types of blog posts with technical and social perspectives to drive huge traffic easily. Leave a comment below if you have a workable type of blog post idea in this regard!

Actionable tips to create a killer blog and get more bookmarks

Blogging has become extremely popular in the last few years. How popular exactly? Recent statistics state that 6.7MM people publish blog posts on blogging sites, and another 12MM write blogs using their social networks. (Source) That makes it really hard for a blogger to stand out. Whether you want to share tips on your blog or generate leads, apart from creating quality content, there are several other aspects you need to consider. So here are 3 pointers to help you create a killer blog that your readers will instantly bookmark.

Strong About pageWhere else can your visitors find out more about you and your blog if not on your about page? Therefore, you need to make sure it’s well developed, it highlights the purpose of your blog or tells your story and if you’re looking to generate leads, this is where you can add an Email signup form or a Newsletter Form.

Add web forms→since we talked about adding lead generation forms to your about page, let’s talk about other effective web forms you could use on your blog. The first type that comes to mind is of course, the contact form. But feedback forms, surveys and quizzes are equally efficient if you want to engage your readers and provide them with the content they are searching for. WordPress is the most popular CMS right now, so let’s focus on that. You’ll need a Form Plugin for WordPress, such as CaptainForm. This form builder plugin is the perfect fit for your WordPress blog. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll be able to create all sorts of forms without coding. You’ll just have to drag and drop your way to building the WordPress form you want.

Social mediabe sure to add social media share buttons on your blog. It makes it easier for your readers to share your content on their social media platforms and thus, easier for you to get an increase in blog traffic.

There are other things you can take into consideration but if you start with these, you’ll quickly see positive results.

How to Create an Ideal Private Blog Network?

Private Blog network includes many small websites designed for a specific niche. These small sites are linked to a main large money-making website (through sales and advertising). PBN is a potent SEO tool that can be used to rank high on search engines.

PBN includes free blogs, along with self hosted blogs using different hosting platforms or companies having different IP’s. The main aim of PBN setup is to manipulate Google ranking for main money-making website or sell backlinks.

How to setup PBN?

  1. Buy domain name

While buying domain names, you have two alternatives – either choose new domains using targeted keywords or opt for expired domains. Advantages of relevant and keyword focused new domains can get high SERPs, if operated properly.

Expired authoritative domains are trustworthy from search engine viewpoint because they are less vulnerable to spamming. Such domains can easily pass the SEO juice to any Primary PBN site. However, before you buy expired domain consider the following things.

  • Domain age – Needs to be more than 5 years old
  • Keyword in URL – Find related keyword in expired domain name can be great
  • Page rank – Check its page rank and domain authority
  • Google search – Check if the potential domain name is Google friendly and not banned
  • Domain registrar – Use different domain registrar

Expired domain name having above benchmarks enables to get more scores and you can reap the benefits.

  1. Buy web hosting

Next step is choosing a web host. You can select www.EZSiteBuilders.com and many other web hosting companies for your PBN, so you get different IP addresses. You can select free web hosts that supply limited web space but ensure that they are good companies and not penalised by Google.

IP addresses need to differ – why?

It is necessary to eliminate PBN’s footprint. In case, all the blogs get hosted from the same web hosting company or IP address then the entire PBN gets banned. This is considered as link farming, which is not allowed. Each blog on the network needs to have fresh IP. This reduces the chances of Google finding your blog network.

  1. CMS

Content management system is the fundamental aspect of PBN. Different kinds of CMS are available for fulfilling website needs. Make use of each one and create an ideal blog network. It can be painful and tedious but the reward will be huge. Different CMS are Word Press, Joomla, ExpressEngine, Drupal, TextPattern, Contao, Umbraco, SilverStripe and more.

  1. Managing content creation and publishing

Each blog or publishing websites must have at least 10 – 15 high quality content on it.  Besides uniqueness, the content must be related to the main targeted keyword of your primary money-site.

  1. Backlinking

As soon as, the PBN is setup with minimal 5+ blogs, start building backlinks. You can buy social media followers using www.SocialBoosterz.co platform. This will add variety of backlinks to the PBN.


PBN is strong off-site SEO but needs to be used properly. It competently boosts ranking for primary money-site. Backlinks for money-site can be controlled because you own all the websites that link to the main money-site. Thus, you can edit or manipulate, accordingly.

How Much you Need to Invest in Growing a Blog

You paid the price for your own dedicated domain name, you’ve bought the right theme (or had it custom built to your needs), you’ve subscribed to a hosting plan. You have sweat out the initial costs of starting your own blog, in the niche you have chosen, no matter if it’s online slots and other games, health and nutrition, personal finance or business. And now the real work can begin.

But for your blog to grow and generate profit, you need to invest in it. And not just work. Today, when hundreds of thousands of new domain names are registered every day, it’s borderline impossible to stand out through hard work alone. You either need luck for a piece of your content to go viral, and give you an unexpected boost in visitors, subscribers and profits, or you need to pay for promoting your blog, letting your public know of your existence.


First of all, you need to optimize your content to be easy to pick up by search engines. This you can learn on your own, or through the use of some free tools to help you. But it takes time – and some of us, who work full time, don’t have the energy or capacity to spend hours researching optimization techniques. This is when specialized services come in. But they will cost you.

An initial assessment of the necessary services will cost you anywhere between $500 and $1500. Optimization, link building and other services can cost you anywhere between $250 and $25,000 a month, depending on the complexity of the package that you subscribe to. These might not limit themselves to search engine optimization, but also offer you social media related services, content creation and more.


No matter how great your content is, there is no use if nobody knows about it. This is where advertising comes in. Called the soul of commerce, advertising will not only let potential customers know about your product (in our case, your blog), but also get them to return to it for more. But this will also cost you. From PPC services to paid ads on social networks, you can spend your hard earned dollars on a huge variety of forms of advertising.

Make sure it’s worth it

Before you consider investing all that money in your blog, first make sure it’s worth it. If you pump hundreds, thousands of dollars into your blog’s optimization and advertising, make sure you will have the means to generate profits. That’s your final goal, after all. Spending on a blog that has no potential to generate returns is like throwing money out the window. It might seem a good idea at the time – but will leave you with your pockets empty in the long run.

Website-Builder Review: How to Build a Free Website

When it comes to building a website most of the people prefer making on Blogger or WordPress, but there are many factors which can’t be found on them like drag and drop feature and ease of access. You have to learn about HTML or PHP in order to customize your site on these platforms.

If you are still thinking about a way to make website without any programming or coding, then I have something amazing for you in this post. Today in this article I am going to tell you about a fantastic website builder too which will help you to make website in 3 simple steps.

Website-Builder.com - The Free Website Builder(1)

Features of Website-Builder.com

Free Website Templates

When you will make website with Blogger or WordPress, then you have to make changes in your website template to make it work with your website. There are many paid templates and themes available for both platforms, but website-builder.com have taken over it. This amazing tool provides more than 1000 of free website templates which are ready to be used. You can choose any of the listed template and apply it to your website.

Templates are categorized into 15 different categories, so that users can find it helpful in selecting the best template. Editing template is not hard too, you can easily customize your blog according to your need with its Drag and Drop feature. With a single click, you can add images, videos, slideshows, HTML codes and menu and sub menu bar.


Easy To Use

Website-Builder.com is one of the most easy website builder currently available. You don’t need to be an expert in order to edit your website. From the settings menu, you can background and favicon image to your website and if you want to add image to your blog post, then you don’t have to worry about it too, as it havean in-built image library in from where you can add images to your website pages and posts for free.

Makes Your Website SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is very necessary thing to be focused on, if you want to rank higher in search engines and get some organic traffic. With website-builder.com you can adjust SEO settings of your website and make it more SEO friendly. Its website editor allows you to add SEO title, Meta description and keywords for your website, so that it can rank higher in search engine ranking pages.

Moreover you can also integrate your Google Analytics account with it so that you can analyse your website traffic and monitor it to get most out of it.

websitebuilder - Start

Minimizes Your Expenses

When you will make your website on WordPress or Joomla, then you will need a separate hosting plan so that you can host your website there. Though some hosting plans are as cheap as Rs.69 per month, but there are chances of getting down. So it is always recommended to choose a better and reliable hosting plan for your website. But with website-builder.com, you can make your website without hosting. They will host your website data on their own servers. So in this way you can save money by not buying hosting packages. Instead, you can invest that money to make your website more popular and useful for your visitors.

editor.website-builder.com edit vbid=D685863C9854409397FDAC58E77C6B36 (1)(1)

Final Words About Website-Builder

So this is it my friend. That’s all I want to say right now about website-builder.com. It is ultimately a great way of making websites. Though there are many more website-builder.com alternatives, but still I will recommend you to use it as there are many advantages of it. I have not listed all of its features above, so you can expect more from it. It is easy to use, yet powerful website creator which I think will be more popular in coming time. If you have any review about website-builder.com, then do let me know about it via comments below. I would to hear about it from you.

Web Hosting Services Are The Foundation Of Success In Business

If you have recently searched for specific goods and services, ranging from a new pair of pants to a new stereo system for your car, chances are good that you have done using the medium of the world wide web. While such a convenience has now become so common as to raise no eyebrows, the fact of the matter is that you could have not shopped for new sneakers so easily or conveniently a mere twenty years ago. Indeed, what a new generation of shoppers takes so completely for granted is one of the foremost technological marvels of all time. And businesses all over the world have certain taken due notice of this.

Bringing The Ultimate Technological Revolution To The Masses

The Internet has truly brought the ultimate revolution in technology directly to the masses, and this amazing development has also secured a bright and prosperous future to a whole new generation of savvy business professionals who have harnessed it to their own ends. Individuals, such as Bob Parsons among many others, have been blessed with a quick wit and the requisite foresight to envision the Internet as a global platform for a massive explosion in business, and their prediction has certainly been proven correct.

It’s Time To Get Up To Speed On How The Web Works For Business

If you are thinking of opening up your own new business, one thing is clear: It’s high time for you to get up to speed on just how the web works. This is particularly true if you are planning on bypassing the ancient business model of opening up a physical “brick and mortar” location and instead conducting the whole of your activity over the world wide web. If you are to succeed in this endeavor, you will need to know exactly what steps should be taken in order to insure that you will not be wasting your time.

What Do You Need To Do To Make Your Project A True Success?

There are a number of steps that you should take immediately in order to make your project a profitable success. For one thing, you should engage the services of a domain hosting company. This will insure that your official company website can be quickly found by the millions of customers whom you will be advertising your goods and services to. The faster your customers find you, the sooner you will be able to begin hawking your wares to them. So it’s extremely important to find a reputable domain hosting service.

Getting In The Ground Floor With Plenty Of Social Media Exposure

The next thing you will need to do is make sure that you have plenty of social media exposure for your new business. Getting your name out there to the public is the name of the game, so don’t be shy. Once again, a reputable provider of domain hosting and SEO services is the key to making your dreams come true.

5 Tips to Make Your Website Secure

You might always be wondering which websites get hacked? You are relieved mostly because you think that you website does not have much to lose to hackers. Keep one thing in mind that any website can get hacked and the real purpose of hacking is mostly setting up temporary server to serve illegal files or other illegal practices. So, you must always be careful in this regard. Here are 5 tips to make your website secure and safe from the hackers.

  1. Keep your software updated

This is kind of obvious but most of the people don’t consider it. You must update your software as well as server operating system. When your software is not updated, security holes develop in the software and hackers start abusing them. For people using hosting solution that is managed, you don’t have to worry about it because the company will keep the system updated.

  1. XSS

The attacker can easily get in JavaScript or some other scripting code when there is cross site scripting. This is when he can run code that is malicious for your site’s visitors. When you are creating a form, make sure to check that the data is being submitted and strip out or encode any HTML.

  1. File uploads

Never let the users upload their files to your own website because it is one of the biggest security risks. Do not even let them do it to change the avatar. The file that is getting upload may look normal but could contain some script that could open up the website when executed on server.

  1. Web security tools

Always use some good security tools for pen testing or penetration testing. You can find many free and commercial web security tools online. They check if there are any chances for your website to get exploited and secure your servers.

  1. Passwords

Not everyone uses complex passwords. Make sure you are using strong passwords for admin area and server. Also, try to use strong passwords for the websites users. Make sure you are using uppercase as well as lowercase letters and make sure you are adding passwords yourself to other accounts on your website.

These are the tips that will help you in securing your website, and then you can decide if your website is secure enough. If you want to know more software and tech-related tips, then follow Techanics.

Google Launches My Ramadan Companion Website


Google this week launched a Ramadan (also called Ramzan in some regions) site to give devotees relevant information, such as timings of sunrise and sunset in the user’s region, during the holy month for Muslims across the world.

Called the My Ramadan Companion, the site provides users with locally relevant tips such as the closest charity Iftar, nearby Halal restaurants, the traffic in the area around them, and even recipes. The Google site even showcases which YouTube videos devotees may enjoy, as well as health tips to stay fit during the 30 days of fasting.

The search engine giant has also unveiled a special app section on Google Play, calledWelcoming Ramadan 2015, which showcases apps that can help during the period, from alarm clocks to wake up for Sahur, to greeting card makers and appropriate cooking apps.

google_play_welcoming_ramadan_2015.jpgThe firm’s Google Now virtual assistant will also show Android smartphone users Ramadan-relevant cards, which include news and information about the period, app recommendations.

Announcing the move via a blog post, Google’s Associate Product Marketing Manager, Middle East and North Africa, Zain Kamal Masri, said, “To help you get the most out of Ramadan, we’ve launched My Ramadan Companion, which gives you customised and locally relevant information, tips, and other content highlighting the richness of what the web can offer during Ramadan around you… With My Ramadan Companion, we hope we can help you take care of the little things, so you can focus on the big things.”

Wayward Pines Recap, Spoilers – The Truth Is Out There: Season 1 Episode 5 “The Truth”

Wayward Pines Recap, Spoilers - The Truth Is Out There: Season 1 Episode 5 "The Truth"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pines airs with an all new Thursday, June 11 season 1 episode 5 called “The Truth.” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Ethan [Matt Dillon] ventures outside of Wayward Pines and his shocked by what he discovers.

On the last episode, after the Burkes’ run-in with Sheriff Pope, they headed back into town to discover that Ethan had been named in a new leadership role in Wayward Pines. With his new role, Nurse Pam told Ethan he had to call a reckoning for Peter McCall (guest star Justin Kirk), a “traitor” who painted graffiti on Main Street. Meanwhile, Ben went to his first day of school at Wayward Pines Academy, where he got private tutoring from teacher Megan Fisher (guest star Hope Davis) and Theresa was offered a job as a realtor. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “Ethan ventures outside of Wayward Pines and is shocked by what he discovers. Meanwhile, Theresa reports to her new realty job and meets her first client who is as confused as Theresa about the eerie town and Ben goes through orientation and learns the truth about Wayward Pines from his teacher Megan Fisher.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of WAYWARD PINE We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#WaywardPines begins with Ethan going over the wall. He hears growling and then he’s into the woods. He hears a rustling sound and fires into the trees. He’s cut by something that speeds by. He fires again and then seems to hit it as there’s a cry. Amy invites Ben to walk to school with her, Sam and Katie. He says sure. She says she’ll see him at 7 and tells him where to meet them. He says tonight was cool and then she gives him a little kiss. He goes inside and finds Theresa at the sink in a daze.

He asks if she’s okay and she says she’s fine. She says Ethan is working late. She says he’s trying to finish up a case and says they’re going to get out of their son and go back to Seattle. Ethan rinses the wound on his arm in a creek he finds. Ben says that sounds great. Theresa goes aback to staring out the window then falls into bed later. Ethan tries to get some rest but wildlife noises are keeping him awake. Theresa wakes the next morning startled and looks around. Ethan wakes in the woods.

She finds Ben eating breakfast and he says he’s walking to school with friends but she says she wants to do it. Ben says he’s got friends but Theresa says they don’t what this town is about and they need to be careful because they don’t know who their real friends are. He asks who would want to be friends with a loser like him. He says they told him to fit in so he is. He says she’s just sitting around the house hoping things will get better but they never do. He leaves.

Theresa looks at the letter about her new realty job. She sighs. Ethan checks his map and compass. He’s looking for the route to Boise. He packs his gear and heads out. Ben shows up to school – looks like cameras are monitoring all the kids. All the kids say hi to Ben. He asks Amy why these kids are all being nice to him and asks if they were told to be his friend. Amy asks what he’s talking about. He says he was treated differently at his old school – like he was invisible.

Amy asks isn’t it a good thing but he says he just doesn’t get it. Amy says this school is like no other school and says they’re all in this together. He asks in what then he’s called to a room for orientation. He asks what that is but all Amy says is – good luck. He heads off. Theresa goes to the realty office and knocks then goes inside. Bill says she must be his new number two then whistles at her. He says everyone calls him Big Bill and says she’s easier on the eyes than Petey.

He says but with that graffiti on Main Street you just never know. He says it’s just the two of them now. He says Henrietta files and she wanted Petey’s job himself. Theresa says Henrietta was likely more experienced but he says “they” said she was perfect. He hands her a file and says that’s her first client. He says Wayne lost his phone in the accident so she can’t call him. He tells her that he was hit by a police car and then hit head first into concrete. He says Nurse Pam fixed him up good.

He says Wayne lost everything in the accident and doesn’t even have a place to stay. She asks if he wants her to sell Wayne a house but he says to give him a house. Says it’s a welcome gift. He then tells her to thank Ethan for killing Petey. Ben heads to the room he was called to – it’s down a bunch of stairs. It’s a totally white sparse room and Carrie and Reed are already there seated. They’re new too. He sits beside them. They hear a squeaking sound.

Megan wheels in a cart then turns off all the lights. She wheels the cart to a spot behind them then turns on the projector. A screen lowers from the wall in front of them. She goes to stand beside it. Megan says welcome to orientation. Ethan is in the woods still and creeping along. He comes upon some ruins of what looks like a chapel and he stops to consult is map and finds that on the map but with the indication that it was a still active church.

Megan shows them students one through three and says they were the first to go through orientation and were like them and had only just arrived. She says they showed great aptitude during individual sessions like they did too. She says if they make it through they will be part of the first generation of Wayward Pines. She says it’s a great honor and privilege. She says they only allow those that are truly exceptional to join the First Generation.

Ben asks what she means by truly ready and she says – for the truth. Theresa goes to the hospital looking for Wayne Johnson. She goes into his room and knocks on the door. She introduces herself. She says she heard he needed some assistance to find a place to live. She says she has a place she thinks he’ll love that just came on the market. He says to just stop. She says she’s just there to help but he says he just wants to be alone. She offers to call the nurse but he says – not her.

Theresa asks if he’s feeling confused he can talk to her. He asks if she saw it and she asks what. He says after the accident, he saw something. He says it was awful. He says they did something to him and all of them. He says that nurse was there. Theresa sees the call light is on and thinks Pam might be listening. She sits down and whispers asking who he’s told this too. He says no one and she says this place is not safe. Nurse Pam lurks outside. She asks him to quickly tell her what he saw.

But then Nurse Pam steps in and asks if he knows Mr Johnson. She says she was just showing him some properties. Pam says she knew Petey would never make it and says he was far too much of a free thinker then give a knowing look to Wayne. Theresa tells him to come look at the house with her and says it’s very private. Megan shows them a photo and asks what it is. It’s a photo of the town from 14 years ago. She shows them another and asks what’s off.

Ben spots something in the outer left corner. Megan says it was their first evidence of “their” existence. Reed asks if it’s bigfoot but she says bigfoot is alone. She shows them a blurry photo of a pale creature and says it cost them two lives to get. She says they call them abbies and says it’s short for genetic aberration. She says they are efficient carnivores – the worst on the planet. Ethan is out among them and hears a growling.

Megan says an abbie can kill and devour an armed soldier in minutes. She says they travel in herds and survival is not possible if you encounter one. She shows them bird-like talons that can kill prey in a single stroke. She says their oversized ears can hear anything and their sense of smell is far superior to their own. She says they became this and says their DNA is very close to another creature’s. Ethan watches them feed on a buck. Ben says it looks like us and she says it once was.
– –
At lunch, Ben sits picking at his food. Amy says she didn’t eat for two days after orientation. She asks if things are making more sense now and he says no. Amy says it takes some time to take it all in. Ben says it’s just the basic logic or illogic. He says if what Mrs Fisher says is true, how has he never heard of them before. He says they’re running around in broad daylight in Idaho then asks if that’s where they are. She asys it’s true and they are in Idaho.

Amy tells Ben it’s just lunch and says it will make sense soon. Ethan is making his way through the woods. Back in orientation, Megan says this next lesson should clear things up. She hands them each a coin and says they don’t hold value anymore but hold answers. Theresa takes Wayne to the house to look around. She says there’s lots of light and space and was built about 12 years ago and is like new. She looks at the cameras in the kitchen.

Theresa says they can start in the back and work their way through. Ethan takes a break to get his bearings and spots something up ahead. He sees a sign. Ben asks if the coin is from Roman times and asks if he can scrape the coin off. Ethan has found an old freeway sign for Boise. Ben scrapes and says it’s a quarter and then asks how old it is. She says to tell him. He reads the year as 2095. He says it’s not possible but Megan says to think about facts and not possibility.

Megan asks the last thing Ben remembers and he says the accident. Carrie says it was a hit and run and Reed says it was a car crash. Ethan works his way through the woods. Megan asks what’s next in their memory. Ben says he woke up in the Wayward Pines Hospital. She asks how long they were unconscious. She says they probably thought it was a day or so. She says their accidents were not accidents at all – she says they were all chosen to be there.

She says it’s a special community not part of the world they once knew but a very different world. She says abbies thrive and rule. She says this took a long time. Ethan works his way through some strange looking sights. She says those coins are the last known relics of human civilization that died out almost 2,000 years ago. She says it’s not 2014 – it’s 4028. Ethan makes it out of the woods and sees Boise in the distance and it’s a relic that’s obviously been long decimated. He’s shocked.

Theresa turns on the washer then whispers to Wayne that there are cameras and microphones and says he has to keep his voice down. She asks what he saw and Wayne says he woke up after the accident and doesn’t remember much. Megan asks the kids how can it be 4028? She shows them a lab mouse and says this mouse can hibernate all winter long without eating or drinking and it lives longer as a result. Wayne says he remembers looking out of glass like a window.

Theresa asks if it was a car and he says he was standing and the window was small like the washer’s glass. Megan says they were all place in hibernation chambers after their accidents. Wayne says people were looking in at him like the nurse then he passed out. Megan says when you awoke, you became part of – Ben says, the First Generation. Wayne says there were more of these chambers and they were all filled with people. Theresa is stunned.

Ben asks why were they chosen. Megan says that’s the most important question. She says they were chosen to ensure the survival of humanity. Wayne asks Theresa if she believes him and she says she does. She says she’s going to figure this out but says he needs to take this house and do it with a smile on his face. She hands over the keys and says the place is his and he can move in and start living his life. She offers him the keys and he thanks her with a smile. She leaves.

Ethan sees a helicopter and waves. It lands in front of him. Megan says over 2,000 years ago, a scientist saw the abbies coming and knew mother nature would change them. The scientist wanted to save a select samples of humans to preserve their kind and created an ark – Wayward Pines. Ethan stares at the chopper and holds his gun firm. Ben asks what scientists and she says David Pilcher. She says he is always watching over them and will never allow anything to happen to them because they are the future.

She says Pilcher is their protector. A man gets out of the helicopter. It’s Dr Jenkins. He tells Ethan he never ceases to amaze him and says no one has ever gotten this far. He tells Ethan his name is David Pilcher. Ethan thinks back to just before his accident and talking about Pilcher. He says they need to go back to Wayward Pines and Ethan holds his gun out and says that’s not Boise then asks if this is some sort of experiment. David says to trust his own eyes. He says there’s nothing for him out there.

He says all that’s left of their civilization is Wayward Pines. He tells Ethan to come with him and how they can change things for the better. They hear the cries of the abbies and Pilcher asks if he wants to stay and discover for himself what’s out there. Megan tells the kids not to tell anyone else, not even their parents, what they learned. She says don’t tell any adults because the future of this town lies not with the adults but with them.

She says you may think your parents deserve to know but says so did Chris. She says he was like them and says he saw what they saw and then went home and told his parents. She says they decided to go on a trip and says the mom put the garden hose on their exhaust pipe, they cranked their car and killed them all. Megan says adults can’t handle the truth and would put all of Wayward Pines at risk. Theresa heads back to the office and looks through the client files.

She flips to a page on their family and reads about them. Megan says Pilcher built an ark for the survival of mankind. Megan says the ark will only survive if they all follow the rules. She says one crack will let in water to let them all drown. She says it’s up to them to steer the ark safely to shore. She says it’s up to them because they are – the kids reply with – The First Generation. She asks them to repeat it and they do, this time more passionately.

Bill comes in and says she deserves a gold star and then he puts one on her collar. He says he doesn’t think it will be the last star of the week and hands her another file. She asks how often people move there. He says a couple every month or so like clockwork. He says they need someone and they just show up. She asks about the accidents and says it’s strange. Bill says don’t think too hard and says he’d hate for something to happen to her pretty face.

Megan takes a photo of the three and asks them to follow her. She lines them up in front of a wall and it slides back. They walk into a room where a group is assembled. Megan hands them each a candle. Amy comes up and lights their candles with hers. She smiles at Ben then says – welcome to the First Generation. They all rap their hands on their tables in rhythm. Ben takes it all in and seems pleased. Pilcher tells Ethan he knows what he’s thinking.

He says you think about the family and friends you won’t see again and the boss you hated. He says then you mind starts to think about all the lost culture, languages, art and knowledge lost in an instant. He asks if this is really the last of mankind and do you really want to be there. He says you then start to realize what you do have. Ben walks home from school and looks around. Pilcher says you have a family and a future in Wayward Pines.

Ethan asks what is Wayward Pines and Pilcher says to come with him and he’ll show him. The abbies cry out and Pilcher says they have to go now. Nurse Pam is there and helps him into the chopper. Pulcher tells the pilot to go as the abbies swarm out of the forest. Ethan is shocked as they fly away.

Rogers backs decision to rule him out of Tests


Opener details dizzy spells after helmet blow in nets but insists he will be right for Ashes

Chris Rogers has backed the decision by Cricket Australia’s Bupa Support Team to rule him out of the two-Test series in the West Indies, but insists he will be right for the forthcoming Ashes tour.

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Rogers said when he took a blow to the helmet in the nets in Dominica, he first felt it was “pretty insignificant” but had since suffered with dizzy spells and splitting headaches.

“I wasn’t batting great at the time,” said Rogers. “I got hit on the head when I was just a bit early on a pull shot. Then I was actually hit on the box and that’s when I walked away and was a little bit annoyed.

“To be honest, I didn’t think much of the hit on the head. I’ve been hit on the head quite a few times.

“I thought it was just another one. But then I just didn’t start to feel great. I spoke to the doc and didn’t expect him to rule me out of the Test, but he did.

“I was a little bit surprised at the time but since then I still haven’t quite recovered. I’ve had some pretty bad days so I think the doc was right. He made the right call.”

CA’s Dr Peter Brukner made the tough call to rule Rogers out and the news was delivered in a lengthy chat on the Dominica outfield with coach Darren Lehmann and captain Michael Clarke.

“You never want to miss a Test,” Rogers said.

“Especially for something I thought was fairly insignificant. I guess nowadays any knock to the head can make a difference.

“I just didn’t really think I’d have the headaches and the dizziness that have come with it. It’s been surprising but that’s what has happened.

“At the time, when he asked me about my symptoms, I didn’t think they’d warrant me being ruled out of the Test match.

“But in hindsight, he definitely made the right call. I wouldn’t have been right for that Test and I wouldn’t have been right for this Test, either.

“The only thing for me is that the symptoms have gone for so long. That’s been a bit worrying but I’m assured by the doctor that’s fine.”

And Rogers says despite the numerous head knocks throughout his career, this instance has been a “wake-up call.”

“As an opening batsman and a small one, you tend to cop your fair share on the helmet,” he said.

“But I’ve never really had symptoms like this, I must admit. Even just running and taking a few catches and then feeling terrible for the rest of the day. It’s been a bit of a wake-up call.”

The veteran, who has previously suggested the Ashes tour will be his international swansong, said he was about a week away from being fit to resume his spot.

Rogers’ absence has opened the door for Shaun Marsh to take his place as opener, with scores of 19, 13 not out, and 11 in three Test innings so far on this tour.

“A couple of weeks off in the Caribbean isn’t the worst but you want to be out there playing,” Rogers said.

“There’s still a fair bit of time, but first and foremost it’s getting back into this side, and it (the team) is going pretty well. That’s the challenge,” Rogers said.

“There’s a bit of time and a few practice games before that, so hopefully I’m right.”

Ryan Harris departs Australia today and will be the first Ashes tourist on UK soil, with Rogers and the rest of the Australians due to arrive after the conclusion of the current Test match.

But Rogers could join Harris who will play alongside Aussie young gun Jake Doran in a warm-up match in Hampshire, while Australia’s first official tour warm-up match starts in Kent on June 25, with another on July 1 against Essex. The first Test starts in Cardiff on July 8.

Chris Rogers will be video blogging for cricket.com.au during the Caribbean and Ashes tours, the first of which will be published soon.