Love Indian street food? Feast on tandoori mushroom, nachos chaat, chai samosa at A Grill Company

Colourful walls spill a wisp of magic at A Grill Company and the wooden furniture shimmers under the twinkling lights. Nestled in a corner of the Logix Mall, the lunch wagon is a welcome change from the usual eateries that Noida houses.

The wooden furniture shimmers under twinkling lights and the shadows of chromatic bricks waltz in harmony. (Source: A Grill Company/Facebook)

As soon as we were settled, the waiter rushed to our table with candy floss in his hands, and it felt like revisiting the good old days of childhood. Different types of salads, onions and coleslaw were neatly decorated on the table, and before we knew a personal grill station was installed after detaching a wooden square board on the table.

Grilling is an art, and the restaurant gave it a great start. (Source: A Grill Company/Facebook)

Grilling is an art, and the restaurant gave it a great start by filling the grilling station with barbeque grill sticks of tandoori mushroom, palak paneer and tandoori gobhi. While the tandoori mushroom stood out for its crispiness and softness at the same time, the other two were average.

Next up was Raj Kachori that was served with bubbles of frozen curd in it and believe us or not, this minor detail actually made a lot of difference – it took our taste buds on a very pleasant journey.

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