How Much Does It Cost to Own a Wine Cooler?

If you like relaxing at the end of the day with a glass of wine, sharing your favorite wines with family and friends at dinner parties and keeping a few bottles chilled and ready for a special occasion, you should seriously consider investing in a wine cooler. Wine coolers come in different sizes, including those that can hold just a few bottles and those that can keep your entire collection stored at the proper temperature. Many wine enthusiasts want to know how much these coolers cost, but the total cost depends on the size and type that interests you.

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It’s not surprising that a smaller wine cooler is generally more affordable than a larger one. A small wine cooler is the perfect size for placing in an out of the way spot in your kitchen. These coolers often have specially designed holders inside that support up to 10 bottles of wine. Larger wine coolers are similar to those found in professional kitchens and restaurants. While these coolers are more expensive, the right model will have enough space inside for each bottle in your collection.


The type of wine cooler that you buy can also play a key role in how much it costs. A Sub Zero wine cooler like those found in commercial kitchens will have multiple shelves and holders with enough space for dozens of bottles of wine or more. These coolers often have features like a digital temperature control that lets you change the temperature inside without opening the door. Some even let you adjust the temperature of just one shelf or section of the cooler. While these coolers are more expensive, Sub Zero wine cooler repair NYC companies provide repairs and maintenance services that will keep that cooler operational for years to come.

Where You Install It

Another factor that plays a role in how much a wine cooler will cost is where you want to install it in your home. Smaller coolers designed to fit inside a cabinet or beneath the counter are more affordable because these models can work with the outlets and electrical systems in your home. A larger model may require that you upgrade your circuit breaker or that you run new wiring through your home. When buying a new wine cooler for your home, the price you pay depends on factors like where you install it and its size.

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