What The Future of Coding Looks Like

Think back on the past couple of decades. What’s one of the common themes that has continued throughout all of those years? If you thought of the constantly changing world of technology and the increasing role it plays in our lives, then you would absolutely be correct! As the world has progressed over the past few decades, our technology has continued to evolve in ways that we never thought possible. Heck, we already have self-driving cars! No one thought we would be at this point in 2017.

So, what do all these changes mean for the world of coding and programming? Well, we’re going to take a look into that future and what it might look like in the below article.

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The Internet will increasingly be based around video, not HTML. 

It used to be the fact that the majority of activity on the Internet was clicking through articles on various web sites and hopping from one imbedded link to another. Even though that still accounts for a good bit of Internet usage today, more and more the Internet’s main use is for watching videos. Whether that’s on YouTube or on any other various websites, video is going to play an increasingly important role in the development of websites in the future. We will probably see future programmers who went to coding school at dallascodingacademy.com who take the videos we watch and improve the interface to be more interactive. Who knows?

Smartphones will continue to take over daily aspects of our lives.

Think about what you use your smartphone for the most. Many people back in the day would assume that our smartphones would be used for what they were designed to: making phone calls! But that’s not the case anymore. Yes, of course, people still make phone calls, but our smartphones are transforming into devices that are so much more than phones. And as the future comes into fruition, we are likely to see smartphone apps designed by coders from Dallas Coding Academy that take over more aspects of our lives. For example, we could see apps that begin to replace regular doctor’s visits by analyzing our heart rate and other bodily functions.

Databases will expand dramatically.

We all know that databases are a crucial part of the technology world. They basically hold all of the code and information that’s been generated on the Internet. However, what happens when our technology continues to permeate into the functions of our daily lives? Our databases will continue to expand dramatically as more information is gathered. For example, when self-driving cars become the norm on roads across the world, they will continuously store and analyze data from the real-world around them – where the potholes are, what signs are guiding traffic, where there is the most traffic, etc.

The future of the coding and technology worlds looks a lot like the world of today, just more in-depth and expansive. Technology will continue to play a huge role in our lives and coding will be an ever-important skill to have in your tool basket.

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