Piracetam and headache: how to deal with it

If you are a month the people who use Piracetam or any other nootropics from the Racetam family, then you might be aware of the unpleasant headaches that you probably feel during your course. The duration of these headaches can be quite small or may last longer. One cannot say if the headaches are consistent whenever you take Piracetam or it can be infrequent.

If you already suffer from migraines due to other factors then there is a high probability that your migraines may worsen due to this.

A headache is a common experience. Let us look at the reason why these side effects occur and if there is anything one can do to stop it before it occurs.


Pros and Cons of Piracetam:

To understand the reason for side effects one needs to understand the basic composition of Piracetam and the pros and cons of the same. Piracetam is basically taken for better analytical reasoning, cognitive intelligence and memory. This supplement is also known to improve alertness and perceptive thinking; it lowers mental stress and fatigue.

But as with any medicine, drug or supplement there are a set of side effects involved. Piracetam can cause headaches and is less potent that other Racetam.

The main reason behind the headaches:

Piracetam is known to cause acetylcholine receptors in the brain. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which is basically responsible for memory, focus, concentration, learning and analytical reasoning. This is naturally synthesized from the choline that is present in the daily food intake. But this may not be enough in our diets.

Well, we exactly don’t know the reason behind the headaches caused due to Piracetam but if one has to pin point then it is proven that if one takes choline along with the regular Piracetam drug then it can lessen the probability of occurrence of the headaches.

If you do not ingest enough choline from your diet, then the Piracetam supplement can act as a toll on your cholinergic system. One you start your dose of Piracetam then this increased the need for choline in your system esp. the brain. And in this scenario if your body in not able to fulfill this demand then it is an onset of a headache. While this may be the logical reason behind the headache, one needs to be aware that there are not scientific studies that have proved this theory.

What to do when you have a headache due to Piracetam:

As we discussed earlier that stacking choline along with Piracetam may help increase the choline levels in your diet. A small amount of choline supplement with your regular Piracetam powder may help you handle the situation. For choline supplement you should be aware that the three best sources for you to get your choline is Citicoline, Alpha GPC and Centrophenoxine.

The dosage for choline supplement is simple. Start with the smallest dose and then keep increasing your doses until the headaches have stopped. Taking choline supplement along with Racetam can actually have a positive effect on your health. Along with stopping your headaches, choline can help give you better focus and greater cognitive benefit.


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