Cloud Storage Online: How Useful Is It?

In today’s modern world, there are many gadgets and equipment to choose from. And when it comes to keeping your data and files safe, we have cloud storage online. To give a brief example, let us think Ben is a senior manager with a cosmopolitan business in San Francisco. He uses his tablet, laptop, smartphone aside from his office computer for business matters. Now, when he is browsing the web on his tablet, he may come across few resources or photos which he may save for later use. When he is opening his business email on office workstation, he may want to save a few images which he needs to share later with his staff or business partners. While going back to his business office, he may take a few photos on his smart phone that he would like to print out later.

So, how can he all open these data and information at a centralized location, without thinking about space and expenses incurred? The answer is cloud storage online.

Cloud Storage Online For Personal and Small Business Use


Using a backup solution that provides big storage of data online, Ben can quickly and effortlessly handle and use his information with any hassle.

Taking advantage of cloud storage online as a platform, there are various companies that offer online data storage. So, let’s suppose that Ben has created his account in one such storage online service, and has associated all his gadgets through this account. Therefore, smartphone, laptop, tablet and office computer are all linked with this online backup storage service.

Now, when Ben is surfing the web through his tablet, he can easily save the photos and resources right into his centralized system based on cloud storage. Once his photos and files are uploaded to his centralize system, the information is accessible on all his connected devices. In addition, the information is also saved and securely backed-up, meaning that even if his smartphone or tablet is destroyed, the files are safe and saved permanently. When Ben goes to the beach and takes a few images using his high-end smartphone, he can save his information on his cloud storage online or centralized database by simply uploading his files in that shared folder. When Ben gets back to his work station, he works on few documents and saves them in the same cloud folder online. When he gets back to his house, and opens his laptop, all he needs to do is open the online storage folder and access all the files which have saved until now, documents and file from his business office, images from his tablet and beach pictures from his high-end smartphone. To make use of all these options, visiting for cloud storage options is a recommended option.

Aside from the fact the information are easily accessed, file and applications are stored for keeps as the cloud storage online takes automated backups and saves the information permanently.

In addition to these, Ben can also:

  • Access the information from anyplace in the world.
  • Share the information effortlessly with his friends, family, and even workmates.
  • Be confident as the information is automatically backed up and saved for good.

SendOTP Authentication- A Significant Part Of Secure Transactions


In today’s sophisticated world of PCs, tablets, laptops, smart phones, and 24-hour wireless connectivity, most of our banking transactions, purchasing, bill payments and many other transactions are done online. We do this expecting that the outlets chosen are using the prime and protected financial portals for the financial transactions. Any gap in this security could possibly result in loss of secret data that could be maltreated by deceptive hackers.

If you are just buying a product online, you will be asked for your credentials such as user name or login ID after which you will be asked to enter a transaction ID usually send via Transactional SMS; this along with the log-in ID assures and securely authenticates you as the original account holder and move further with the transaction. If there is a doubt about the originality of the user, banks and other financial institutions send OTP SMS authentication, which is delivered to the registered mobile user as a part of the log in process; this only works for customers or users who have registered their mobile or smart phone numbers with the bank.

Another method that banks and other financial organizations ensure the safety of their customers when using the online payment option is to use a managed two factor authentication method to reinforce their authentication process. When online payment and transactions first began, we just had to use a specific factor, i.e., our password and username to authenticate ourselves, but that was not a very safe method pointing to the two factor authentication method. By using this authentication method, customers were provided with an additional layer of security through using a second type of authentication besides the conventional username and log-in password i.e. by sending an OTP SMS.

Companies needing high-security consent for their employees when working online away from the office or headquarters use single-hearted tokens like the key fobs or SecureID keys from organizations like RSA. This offers a unique password in every sixty seconds and was used as 2fa for a very long time. However, with that system being contravened, security services have come up with the tokenless OTP. This was found to be quite helpful for banks, particularly when their customers use the ATM machine to draw money or many other transactions. You swipe the magnetic ATM card which then asks for the confidential PIN, which is the second verification factor. But, it is in online transactions that most people use the 2fa process, without even knowing it.

As it is very well known that security and convenience are inversely proportional to each other. It means the more security you need, the less convenient it is and the more convenience you need, the less secure they make you. No matter what security measures we try to apply, the human attribute will be a very weak link in the chain of security.

Top 4 Cloud Computing Trends for 2016

There is no doubt that ever since cloud computing technology is introduced, the way companies cooperate has been completely transformed. In the time span of less than a decade, the move to cloud has reshaped the business models of many organizations. Now, organizations purchase few hardware and licensed software and they make more of the SaaS and IaaS investments.

It is not hard to understand why enterprises are moving to cloud. The cloud based operations are more agile as they allow the users to instantly scale the resources up and down depending on the demand. The cost of the model is low too because you don’t really have to invest in the infrastructureassets. You can readily access the system and its services across a variety of devices. The cloud service providers are responsible for the maintenance of the tasks. The cloud users do not have to worry about performing the system updates ether.


There are lots of factors that have driven towards the need and trend of cloud adoption over the past years. The question is, will cloud’s use continue to throughout the years? In order to find its answer, there are 4 cloud computing trends that will never grow old and they will be seen in 2016 too.

  1. WideAdoption of the Cloud Strategy

Industry analyst Gartner made a prediction a few ago. He said that enterprises will be spending a lion’s share of their investment on cloud computing by 2016. If we carefully observe what is happening these days, then we will be forced to say that this is true. Forbes has also stated that the global SaaS marketing will grow to $67 million in 2018. The growth of IaaS will reach to $16.5 Billion in 2015.

  1. Growth of Hybrid Cloud Computing

As a large number of organizations are moving to cloud, many of the IT teams and operations personnel have started evaluating their options. On one hand, there are lots of cost saving benefits and convenience associated with public cloud and on the other, as private cloud offers security and customization, it cannot be neglected either. Just to get the best of both worlds,hybrid cloud is being widely adopted. It houses the non-sensitive data on the public cloud and crucial systems and sensitive data is placed on the private cloud. In 2016 and the years to come, the hybrid cloud model will grow on a fast rate than before. Companies are readily giving it a second thought due to the benefits.

  1. Cloud Adoption

Among the great benefits of cloud, the most prominent one is convenience. The business unit leaders can readily acquire the computing power and expand the support operations and most of all scale up the projects. More staff now will be involved in the cloud adoption decision process.

  1. Amped up Security with Machine Learning

It is all over the news that the financial services companies are widely using machine learning for detecting fraud. This is not the only use of machine learning. It has helped us learn more security possibilities too like tracking the behavior of users, flagging the network anomalies, detecting malware and more. All this will be possible due to the big data analytics in cloud.

It is great that organizations are shifting towards cloud but the adaptation can never be a success unless you have the right people. Cloud computing needs individuals who can build, run and design the cloud. That’s not all, they must talk cloud too. Such people are not widely available therefore we see many cloud training companies around. The focus of these companies is to explode cloud. It is important to have certifications and training for just not employees to survive but for the organizations to survive as well.Some of the organizations have started conducted in-house training to make all the staff learn about the cloud technologies for successful deployment and implement of cloud in the day to day operations.

Almost all the industry experts and analysts agree to the fact that cloud adoption will continue to grow in the years to come. Security was surely a concern but enterprise are still moving forward with cloud. Cloud security has improved massively with the help of cloud service providers like FortyCloud. It efficiently addresses the security challenges and provides a comprehensive solution delivered in a SaaS model. The FortyCloudsolution makes your public cloud private by building a new virtualprivate network over your AWS deployment. This network uses encryptedVPN links to interconnect all your AWS regions as well as your enterprise sites.

Starting a Business that makes Large Quantities of Substances

Are you going to be starting a business that makes large quantities of substances that need to be blended together? Has your old industrial blender seen better days? In either case, you will need to start looking around for a new industrial blender for your business. This is certainly a purchase that you want to take your time with. This type of machine can be quite expensive. Therefore, you want to be absolutely sure of what you are getting for your money. The time you spend studying the various brands will pay off down the road when you get a superior blender that performs the way you need it to. Here are a few useful industrial blender buying tips.


  1. How long will it last?

For obvious reasons, an industrial blender is not something that you want to buy again in a few years. You want the blender that you buy to last you for a very long time. Unfortunately, some brands of industrial blenders are made better than others. Therefore, some of these brands will last longer. You need to find out which brands are the most durable before you commit to making any purchase. This will save you the headache of having to go through this entire process again in the near future. It will also enable you to get the most value for your investment.

  1. Does it come in the size you need?

Industrial blending machines come in many different sizes. You might have a very limited amount of space available at your facility. This means that you need to be conscious of the size of the blender that you are buying. Otherwise, you might end up having a very unpleasant surprise when the delivery truck arrives to drop off your new blender. Make sure that you take very accurate measurements of the space where the blender will be installed if you think space could present a problem.

  1. Pricing

Pricing for industrial blenders cab be quite different depending on where you go. This is why it would be an extremely wise decision on your part to investigate the prices that are being charged by all of the companies selling industrial blenders that you can find. Some of these companies may be willing to lower their price slightly to get your business. You have nothing to lose by trying to negotiate a more favorable price for yourself